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Possibility of Empty Stadium Games Come Fall???

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March 22, 2020 at 4:16pm

This article entitled, Thai kickboxing shows demonstrate why you should shut down during the coronavirus pandemic, is alarming for anyone wishing for sports to resume to normalcy.

Written on March 21st:

Currently, 72 of the first 322 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the Southeast Asian country are directly traced to those who attended that event, which had an estimated attendance of 5,000, and shows at a pair of other Bangkok venues

Basically, ~25 Percent of Thailands COVID-19 cases potentially spawned from a few small sporting events.  The crowds were only 5000, or roughly 103,000 shy of an OSU football game or 17,000 shy of a Reds or Indians game.

All indicators are set to go for sports to return before the fall, but, just thinking out loud, is it possible they will be solely for television?  As in, fans not welcome?

I have no idea, and have heard or read nothing credible to substantiate this conjecture... but, when a fourth of Thailand's Covid-19 cases have roots to a sporting event, it makes you wonder.

Here's to the September 5th opener against Bowling Green... See you there, or not.

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