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Greg Schiano is Doing Amazing at Rutgers(January 20th Update)

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January 20, 2020 at 9:56am

I made a forum days after he took over and recruited the hell out of New Jersey. Schiano lifted Rutgers from outside of the top 100 into the 60 within a couple weeks. Schiano is continuing to do amazing things. First some transfers:

  • Brandon White-high caliber starting safety for Rutgers
  • Aron Cruikshank-spot receiver from Wisconsin had a kick off return for a touchdown in the rose bowl, one of the best athletes on the Wisconsin team should be a good starting receiver for Rutgers.
  • Michael Dwumfour-Defensive tackle from Michigan who has been developing for a few years. Had a lot of hype in the spring from the media but never panned our, should a solid starter for Rutgers
  • Ireland Burke-Defensive tackle from Boston College who saw playing time in his redshirt freshman season
  • Peyton Powell-If you follow recruiting this name is familiar to you, he was a 4 star athlete who OSU wanted to play corner. He is 6’2” and a really good athlete and would have been really good. However he wanted to play QB and went to Baylor. After struggling at the position he is transferring to Rutgers with the intent to play receiver or defensive back. He would be at OSU right now if he would have been willing in high school. He has 4 years left and a lot of upside.

Now some of the coaches he picked up:

  • OC—Sean Gleason was the OC and play caller at Oklahoma State(Rutgers hired somebody away from Oklahoma State!!!) he was previously at Princeton and is a Jersey guy
  • DC-Robb Smith was the DC with Schiano the last time he was in Rutgers and then went to Arkansas and Minnesota. Another person who will recruit the hell out of Jersey and has coached competent defenses at Rutgers.
  • The rest of the staff are mostly young guys Schiano plucked away from other programs with the large salary pool Rutgers gave him. They are all elite Jersey/DMV recruiters

The recruiting class is currently ranked 62 and their 5 transfers aren’t factored into that ranking. There is a serious talent influx into the program right now. If Schiano can turn this movement I’m into recruiting wins Rutgers won’t be a laughing stock for long.



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