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Entitlement Down South--Alabama Are Now Fans of an 8 Team Playoff

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November 13, 2019 at 3:35pm

This article from randomly showed up on my phone today. In a not so surprising twist of events, Bama fans (and sportswriters) apparently feel they're being hard done by the playoff committee by being slotted "ludicrously low" at #5. That's right, Bama loses a game at home to the first good team they've played all season (while looking terrible on defense), and drops a measly two spots in the rankings, and somehow that's unfair. 

Bama, if this article is to be believed, are now hoping for Auburn to beat Georgia so that Bama can get a signature win against Auburn. Yes, the best win Bama can hope to get will be over a 3-loss (or 4-loss) team that has a sentient potato playing quarterback. Ohio State, meanwhile, has the potential to go into the final rankings with a Big Ten Championship and 6 wins against teams with 4-losses or fewer (Cincinnati, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Penn State, Michigan, Indiana). 

The article reeks of the worst kind of entitlement--Bama fans can't even fathom the present scenario where they might be left out of the playoff. Their solution? 

Expand it to 8 teams, of course. 

Let me be clear: I am not against expanding the playoff field. I am however firmly against the spoiled Bama fans suddenly being in favor of expansion the first time they're in danger of being left out. 

Here's where the article goes off the rails: 

Look around. A four-team playoff isn’t working.

The Big 12 appears all but eliminated from the playoff already, and the Pac-12 was pretty much done, in hindsight, in the first week of the season when Auburn quarterback Bo Nix and the Tigers’ ferocious defense led that comeback against Oregon. Meanwhile, The ACC is less interesting than a visit to the dentist, and the Big Ten’s most intriguing team right now is No.8 Minnesota — yes, Minnesota.

The Golden Gophers would be a nice Cinderella story if that No.8 ranking meant they were the last team in playoff.

Now it looks like just another sick joke by this committee of corporate clowns.

The four-team playoff system is damaging the integrity of college football, and alienating entire regions. Since the beginning of the playoffs inception, it was clear that it needed to be eight teams (at least). Four is a fraud.

Here’s what the committee knows, but won’t admit. The fastest way to an eight-team playoff is if one-loss Alabama makes the four-team field again this year.

Okay, what? I love how they just completely ignore the most statistically dominant and complete Ohio State team of the last 40 years by saying the Big Ten's "most intriguing team" is Minnesota. 

Also, I rolled my eyes at the "since the beginning of the playoffs inception" line. Sure, of course you've always been against the system that benefited your team, you're just expressing your displeasure now that you're the team that's on the outside looking in. 

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