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Will James Franklin Leave for USC or FSU?

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November 3, 2019 at 5:32pm

Pete Thamel who is pretty locked into coaching reported that USC's top target is going to be James Franklin. Barton Simmons also said the homerun hire FSU would want would be James Franklin. 

PSU will end the season 11-1 after Ryan Day shows him who will be owning the B1G for the next decade in a couple weeks. This will take PSU to the Rose Bowl. PSU is VERY young and have really good freshmen/sophomore classes. PSU will also be able to pay him and his staff more to stay as the others are paying large buyouts. Franklin is from PA and it is easy to see that if he chooses to stay he would be able to keep that job for a very long time, which is rare in this day and age in college football.

However there will be pretty big pros to leaving. FSU and USC are in areas with much better recruits than PSU. USC has basically nobody to contend with in the PAC-12, Oregon may not be great post-Herbert. Both schools will need to give him a lot of time after paying big buyouts. FSU will need to overcome Clemson but the rest of the ACC would be a cakewalk for FSU to get past. Being an elite recruiter in Florida could provide a quick path to a national championship. 

Will he leave? Is FSU or USC the better choice? What would PSU do? Great time to be a Buckeye

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