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Be The Rooster's Marketing Manager - How Would You Use Ohio State Athletes to Sell Your Product?

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October 29, 2019 at 4:09pm

Let's play a game:

The NCAA has just cleared the path for student athletes to receive compensation for their names, image, or likeness. As the head of marketing for Rooster's, you've been assigned the task of getting Ohio State athletes as sponsors and renaming the different flavors of wing sauce after the players. Also, what slogan or catchphrase would you use for print, social media, etc.

Here's mine (from my comment on the "NCAA To Allow Athletes To Profit Of Name Image And Likeness" thread, which was also my inspiration for this):

Rooster's should rename their Nu-Killer sauce "Chase Young's Predator Sauce" 

The slogans are endless:

Chase Young's Predator Sauce: You'll be in pain today AND tomorrow
Chase Young's Predator Sauce: At least you're not an opposing quarterback
Chase Young's Predator Sauce: You'll shit yourself.

Have a little fun with it! I did!

Chase Young For Heisman.

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