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An Apology

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October 12, 2019 at 9:42pm

About 10 minutes ago I got an email from a young friend of mine who also posts on this board. This is about the Thug U Post I had made earlier. He has told me about the possible connotation about the word “thug” in that it can be seen as implicitly derogatory towards minorities. 

My humblest apologies as that was not the intention. And if the mods have any concern, feel free to delete the post. 

I was simply using it since that was the term used to apply to Miami University back in the 90’s. My knowledge of the term was limited to what I grew up with in the 60’s, which was a thug was a person with no respect for the rules and other people, and that they were prone to violence. 

Apparently, I need to better keep up with changes in the language. I have zero interest in disrespecting people due to the color of their skin. 

This is a forum post from a site member. It does not represent the views of Eleven Warriors unless otherwise noted.

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