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Way Too Early CFP Scenarios

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September 24, 2019 at 1:52am

I know this is way early but one thing is bothering me; Clemson. 

Undefeated SEC champ GA, wins over ND, Auburn and Alabama
1 loss Alabama, close loss to UGA in SEC champ game, wins over LSU, Auburn
Undefeated Oklahoma, two wins over Texas
Undefeated Ohio State, two wins over Wisconsin
Undefeated defending champs Clemson.... wins over nobody, nobody, NOBODY

Is the committee really going to leave out a 1 loss Alabama?

Is high octane Oklahoma left at the door?

Is a complete Ohio State team undefeated B1G champ really left at the altar?

Clemson doesn't deserve to be in in this scenario IMO, but they're undefeated defending champions.

You can reverse the SEC champ game and the scenario is similar esp if ND finishes 11-1.

Thoughts? Who is in under these scenarios? Any other tough scenarios you can think of?

BTW I hate Dabo and Clemson.

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