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Parents went to the ND at OSU game in 1995 when I was five, parents left me at my Uncle's. My dad told me who to root for before he left, my uncle and cousins were ND fans, they couldn't sway me and I puked on their couch for them trying, and OSU won. I don't really remember a whole lot about OSU football until their National Championship season when I attended their games against Cincinnati and Penn St.


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Comment 6 hours ago

I'm so torn on this.. I love the toughness and brutality of the game.. as well as the skills with hand placement and leverage.. but Concussions and CTE are unbelievably Sad. Beanie Wells with speech difficulty and significant brain plaque and he's not even 30 years old.

Obviously at OSU it's call the circle drill.. and they call proper hand placement "the difference"

Here is "the difference" executed perfectly

Comment 8 hours ago

The fact of the matter is Trevon Blew It.. his 3 or 4 reckless turnovers down the stretch killed them

Comment 13 Mar 2018

Ok man.. Parris averaged 36 yards per kickoff return last season when he was returning kicks.. that had him firmly in the top 5 in the country. Parris returned multiple kicks into the opponents redzone the past 2 years. You've barely seen DMC play college football.. he hasn't played any meaningful minutes and hasn't returned any kickoffs in college... so what makes you so sure? The only reason Parris is not returning kicks is to stay healthy.. Parris was the best kickoff returner we have had since Tedd Ginn Jr.. he was also a track guy in pads.. Get educated before you post. I am hoping to see DMC do well but your post is beyond ridiculous.

Comment 13 Mar 2018

Of course there will be serious injuries... there aren't now? Shazier's injury isn't serious? People who have dementia at age 45 isn't serious? Football as is, is almost guaranteed to cause significant long term detriment to almost every single person who plays at the professional level. There has to be change in both the equipment and the way the game is played to change that. If there isn't a change the game will die.

Comment 11 Mar 2018

It's interesting how much such a small insect can effect one's beehavior

Comment 10 Mar 2018

Shazier wouldn't be tackling like that if there wasn't pads and helmets. I love RDS and am wishing him a full recovery,, but the way he tackles is almost equivalent to diving into a swimming pool that has no water.. not a freak accident, absolutely bound to happen when you consistently lead with the top of your helmet. No one tackles that way in rugby..I played tackle football without helmet or pads regularly from a young age through college and never saw people hit heads like that. Because people without pads don't try to launch themselves into others recklessly.

Comment 09 Mar 2018

Take this into Consideration.. in 2015 Ezekiel Elliott had Taylor Decker, Pat Elflein, and Billy Price blocking for him. A 1st rounder, a 3rd rounder, and a likely 2nd rounder.

I am not sure Barkley was playing behind 1 single future NFL player or draft pick this year.

Comment 09 Mar 2018

The thing is that all these guys are giving the effort.. so with Johnson instructing they are sure to be technicians as well. I was really impressed that to go along with the TFL and Sacks last year the rush was still disciplined.. Hubbard maybe wasn't the flashiest pass rusher but he was super good at setting and holding an edge.. He rarely lost contain or got too deep behind the qb in his rush. Most of the DL was the same. Can't wait to see Bosa, Jones, The Predator, and Coop on 3rd and long. If the DB play is good this year we could see a very high amount of sacks.

Comment 08 Mar 2018

Do you really think that's on Barkley? He played behind a terrible OL and against one of the very best DLs in the country.. you could put Jim Brown, Barry Sanders, Adrian Peterson, Eric Dickerson, Tony Dorsett, Walter Payton... who ever you want back there that day.. with that line and that play calling vs our DL.. none of those guys a sniffing the century mark. Saquon's only short comings are playing behind a shitty OL and not being physical... but what's it worth falling forward for 3 yards by being physical when you can make that guy miss and gain 8 yards ... and have a longer career.

Comment 08 Mar 2018

Yep 2 or 3 shoulder surgeries and and MCL sprain and still fighting through it to play for the team, school and state he loves. Get over yourself. Go be a scum fan

Comment 06 Mar 2018

This team is Loaded,

Heal up Jordan and Bowen and the OL is going to be good, I have faith in IP at LT and whoever wins center.

DT loaded, DE will be high end talent, hopefully Cornell can play both inside and out like Holmes.. but is needed more at DE, Tyler Friday or Tyreke Smith could end up in the rotation at DE.

Plenty of true talent at LB, just need to get that film going and figure out what are the "true reads" against PA with pulling guards and TEs and FBs fake blocking on their way into a route.

Fuller will be a great safety, Pryor, Riep, and White will grow throughout the off season and we will be good.

Corner should be deep, Sheffield, Arnette, Okudah, Wade, maybe even Johnson.. just need to work on technique and finding the ball if in phase, also recognize a receivers eyes and body language to judge if it's an underthrow/back shoulder.

McCall should be an explosive returner but I think Sheffield should get a look on KO return.. fastest dude on the team without a doubt. Looked good returning kicks at Blinn.

Get healthy and pick your starter right after spring at QB so in fall camp the starter gets the necessary reps.

Hopefully Berry can really catch on at TE.. he's an athletic freak with the size and strength to be a great/devasting blocker as well.. loved when we lined him up almost like a FB at times.

Comment 06 Mar 2018

Absolutely, Prince is the most skilled, athletic, long, and experienced OT on the roster that's not a freshman. Just like Decker, moves to Left Tackle, shows what experience does, and shows why he was a highly rated recruit and is the 1st round discussion for the 2019 draft. Prince took a giant leap last year and will not be going backwards. You don't recruit 4/5 star OTs and fight Bama off to get them so you can baby them and keep them at right tackle because they might fail at left tackle? That's crazy. Prince can handle it.

Comment 06 Mar 2018

That's not necessarily true, lots of guys choose not to run the 40 for other reasons than being slow. If that was the Case Orlando Brown would've opted not to run the 40, and Arden Key would have ran it. Chris Worley would've decided not to run as well.

The #1 reason I would choose not to run is that more people injure themselves running the 40 at the combine than any other drills sans Bench press. Sam's clear objective was to look good in Drills and Agility Measures. He more than succeeded, many people thought he looked the smoothest out of any DE/Edge at the LB drills, the most technically proficient in bag drills, and the best at the 3 cone drill which has way more carry over than the 40 does for an edge rusher. Sam showed more flexibility and body control than anyone out there and did it at 270 lbs. People are hype about Lonzo Carter from Georgia because of his 40, that dude has no bend at all and lacks the technical skills to be a good pass rusher.

Sam knocked the combine out of the park, and if people weren't over infatuated with 40 yard dashes for DEs he would be the second rated DE after Chubb from NC state.

Joey Bosa ran slow AF at the combine.. how much is that affecting him?

Sam is clearly faster on the field than Jalyn Holmes who ran 4.82 which is solid for someone that size. Add about 0.1 to 0.15 onto Sam's pro day time to guestimate what he would've run at the Combine>

And Sam's explanation makes plenty of sense.. the 40 is as much about proper form as it is explosion.. poor form can cost up to 0.25 seconds.. why take that risk if you haven't nailed your form yet?

If you watch Saquon Barkley's 40 he clearly messed up his start but is so athletic he still looked good at 4.40.. he could've run 4.33-4.35 if he didn't go upright too early.

Comment 05 Mar 2018

What is your biggest weakness on the field, what are you doing to improve it?

Has coach Johnson or any coach told you a target playing weight for the upcoming season? What do you weigh now?

What is your favorite restaurant and thing to order there?

Comment 04 Mar 2018

Unfortunately Worley ran much slower than either of us expected. He will need to show major improvement at Pro Day if he wants any hope of being drafted.

Comment 04 Mar 2018

Holmes 4.83u. Hubbard choosing not to run. Not sure if Lewis is or not, dealing with flu.

Baker and Worley later today