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Parents went to the ND at OSU game in 1995 when I was five, parents left me at my Uncle's. My dad told me who to root for before he left, my uncle and cousins were ND fans, they couldn't sway me and I puked on their couch for them trying, and OSU won. I don't really remember a whole lot about OSU football until their National Championship season when I attended their games against Cincinnati and Penn St.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Shot to send basketball game to OT In 6th grade lol
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Current: Nick Bosa, Mike Weber, Chase Young, JK Dobbins Past: Braxton Miller, Zeke, and Joey Bosa
  • NFL TEAM: Bengals
  • NHL TEAM: none
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: Team USA, don't care about MLS

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Comment 16 Sep 2018

#8 on Oregon State is much faster than #6 on TCU.. TCUs #6 is very fast but #8 on Oregon state is quite possibly a true sub 4.4 type of guy

Comment 16 Sep 2018

I agree with everyone that's Jahsen Wint looks lost at times at safety but I think him and Pryor both are improving. Wints athleticism is a concern though. 

I do want to give Jahsen a special teams SO as he has been great on Kick Off Coverage.

Comment 16 Sep 2018

Arnette wasn't getting torched at all, he had good coverage most of the night and on the long completions by TCU DBs were in position and couldn't find the ball. TCUs receivers made a lot of great plays as almost every throw was well contested. Plus Arnette had a few nice hits where he separated the ball and made an excellent pass break up on third and long on one of TCUs last drives. Besides Wint and Pryor I think Wade struggled the most at DB last night. All the DBs need to work on locating the ball on downfield throws though.

Comment 15 Sep 2018

Like I said, so original. Call us Kentucky/The South when the General that lead the Union Army is from our lands.. try telling someone from Mississippi that Cincinnati is the south; you might not understand their response, but they sure will be laughing.. unless you tell them Grant was from the area... in that case be ready to protect yourself. I grew up next to houses that were part of the Underground Railroad. Like I said, people in NEO don't know geography... or history. Calling Cincinnati the south is like calling Cleveland Detroit.

Comment 14 Sep 2018

Ouch, do they teach geography up there? You do know Ulysses Grant was born just 50 miles east of Cincinnati, on the north side of the river? Some people call it the Mason-Dixon Line, but Clevanders confuse that with Florida Georgia Line. Can you tell me who was General of the Union Army? Who was the 18th President? What state were they from? The Kentucky jokes are real original.

Comment 14 Sep 2018

Give some thought to your post. Posting a single link doesn't cut it

Kind of violated this, and very lightly the dupe thread, but the thread was upvoted and people were commenting and discussing the topic. Like BradentonBuck said, maybe people wanted to discuss Sam Hubbard, and not the Bengals or Ravens. The discussion was civil and on topic. IMO the deleting of the thread was nit-picking at best. 

Comment 14 Sep 2018

It's one example, now come up with a thousand more. Oh crap your shtick is working. Did I post this on the right thread?

On a side note your Analytics vs AP poll threads are awesome

Comment 12 Sep 2018

This is awesome. Thank you for the post and share Dweinz. I mentioned in the thread I made "How good is Nick Bosa?" That I thought Nick was much faster off the edge than Joey. This article pretty much confirms it. 1.53s electronically timed 10 yard split is insane. Von Millers was 1.57 for reference. Bosa has 15-20 lbs on Miller.

Comment 11 Sep 2018

That's what happens when great talent works incredibly hard at their craft. I hope Chase Young dedicates himself as much as the Bosa's have, I think he is on the same talent plane as them, maybe even above.

Comment 10 Sep 2018

I don't think Joey is quicker than Nick.. in fact I'd go as far to say that Nick is much quicker than Joey.

Comment 10 Sep 2018

That might've been over a year ago, and IL_Padrino came off as an arrogant p**ck about it. Brohio doesn't seem overly snobbish, just passionate about Mexican food.

Comment 10 Sep 2018

Hilliard has looked really good to me when he's in the game. I think he should be getting a lot more run with the 1s

Comment 10 Sep 2018

I agree they're different, both have the musculature but Joey is longer as you said and knows how to use it. I am just so amazed at Nick's burst off the LOS. I don't know if his reaction time to the snap is just that good or he is that quick, I suspect a little of both. I wonder what kind of 10 yard split and 3 cone Nick will have at the combine.

Comment 09 Sep 2018

Had to make up for Lattimore getting absolutely torched today. I'm Marshon will bounce back though

Comment 07 Sep 2018

That means you fit in great here. Glad he has recovered from his injury and is ready to make some waves.