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TTUN News (Part One)

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September 22, 2019 at 10:48am

In an effort to organize all of the TTUN News and whatnot into one area a logical conclusion is to lump everything together in one thread.

This crazy enough to work idea will follow the same path as the Class of <insert year> Recruiting News threads. Once a thread gets to 200+ comments a Dubber can then start a new thread, with the thread title being TTUN News (Part <insert number>) 

11 Warriors commenting policies will apply and will be enforced. 

Jam videos will be allowed, with a maximum of 8 per thread page, that is 8 Gratefulbuck & ECO not 9 or 10. 

This is an effort to allow all of you Dubbers an enjoyable and organized experience to clown on Michigan. 

Go Buckeyes

Beat Michigan 


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