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MEMBER SINCE   September 13, 2013


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Witnessing the 2014 Ohio State Football Season
    Keith Byars vs Illinois or anything Keith Byars does on a daily basis.
    Win over the U for the National Championship
    Making my first left hand lay-up in St Johns Arena
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: The 2014 Ohio State Buckeyes Football Team
  • NFL TEAM: any of them that have Buckeyes
  • NBA TEAM: Granville Waiters

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Comment 28 Mar 2020

Hold on Gus it looks like we have a streaker on the field... That guy is tall Joel and he is really letting his stride out running from security... Yeah Gus he is moving pretty fast...It looks like he has something drawn on his chest I can't make out the lettering can you Joel?...Hold on yeah now I got a good look wow he just punched out a security guard and now appears to be knocking down another security guard with damn that was a fierce leg kick... well he has made it to midfield and yeah now I can see the lettering on his chest, what does TL;DR mean Joel? 

Comment 28 Mar 2020

1st and 10 Buckeyes from the Michigan 32 

Michigan is trying to make substitutions on the Defensive line... They better hurry up and get off the field Gus... Nope Fields takes the snap and there are what looks like 15 Michigan players on the field this is going to be too many men on the field penalty on Michigan and a free play for Fields who looks down field and lasers a pass into the hand of Jeremey Ruckert at the two yard line and he strolls on into the endzone


Comment 21 Mar 2020

So TTUN fans get reminded of Christmas 2019 when they just got stomped by Ohio State at home and they get to look forward to Alabama rolling them on New Year’s Day 


Comment 16 Mar 2020

In case I forgot you brought your funkiness to this guy here BeatTTUN...

Greta > Swedish Greta 

FACT! that chick don't even eat steak bro bro double FACT stamp!

Comment 16 Mar 2020

I am here to wash my hands with soap for 20 seconds and stay away from you for 20 seconds and I am all out of 20 seconds 

So start eating that trash can