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Meanwhile in the Depths of Mgoblog... The Salt Mine is Real

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September 21, 2019 at 9:18pm

While we bask in awesome glorious domination....a look at the mgoblog forum is......ummmm incredibly, brilliantly, gloriously, fun! From fans opening threads about hiring Urban Meyer to another forum about how people who want Urban hired are dumb and deserve to have their accounts banned. Boy if you really are lacking in sodium, the mgoblog forum is the ultimate salt mine to get your sodium intake for the next month. God I love this coaching staff, I'm so happy that we have actual QB whisperers. Yes we have 2 Coach Day and Coach Yurchic. Looks like Al Washington and Greg Mattison were the only coaches holding ttuns defense together, now they can't stop the run and still playing the same defense that got them torched last year, only this time they're in a 3-4 defense because a lack of defensive tackles. PS Don Brown is not good at defense So thank goodness we have Coach Johnson, who has brought us future Heisman winner Chase Young. Also bringing the incredible amount of depth we have. Thank goodness for Coach Hartline, for turning us into a dangerous passing team with grown men playing at WR Coach Stud who seems to be earning his keep with the way the oline is playing. Coach Hafley. Please never ever ever leave....because we will find you /s...but not really And last but not least our special teams coach, who let's just say 4 games 2 blocked punts and a blocked fg....I like.

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