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September 7, 2019 at 3:55pm

We're into September now, which means the off-season Kool aid season has come to an end.  Thought it'd be nice to archive the thread names on the mgo board since the start of the game against army:

- Stop Fucking booing our guys!!!

- 2nd half thread after worst first half since Rich rod

- Dylan McCaffrey or bust

- is it too early to call the lockley v. Gattis dispute?  Or do you want to wait until Maryland kicks our ass too?

- Why is the 2 minute still awful?

- can we run the option now?

- no reads for Patterson?

- Shea and Ruiz lackluster at best

- officiating today

- Patterson's decision making?

- run run pass on third and long

- mgo coaches: why a 3 man front against Army?

- Dmac knows to keep that ball

- does anyone else think it looks like Harbaugh took the keys away from gattis?

- FUCKING throw a pass!!

- Hire Borges

These are all separate threads, not comments.  Ah, I think I smell some schadenfreude in the air!!

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