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Clemson Tonight and the ACC Network

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August 29, 2019 at 11:15am

Okay, so I need help oh faithful college football fans:

I would you like to just casually peep in on Clemson vs Georgia Tech tonight, to see how they are looking, etc. 

I do get the ACC Network as part of Hulu Live - Tangent - for those of you considering "cutting the cord" do it. Do it now and get Hulu Live. You get ALL the sports channels, literally all of them, if you are in Columbus you get all local channels except ABC 6 (but that's where a smart TV with a built in antenna or a HD antenna you can get for $10 comes in) all of this for $43/month!

Back to the point. Because I stream it all gets factored into Nielsen ratings. The B1G homer in me doesn't want the ACC Network to have good ratings. I still have never, nor will I, but the SEC Network on my TV. 

So, long story short... do I suck it up and just check it out? Or just watch highlights online?


A Lover of College Football


PS: Go Bucks!

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