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NCAA Investigations of Other Schools

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June 26, 2019 at 11:10pm

The recent information about LSU boosters paying an players father, Clemsons "in house" investigation and a variety of other "NCAA Investigations" got me thinking about how much the NCAA (and ESPN for that matter) screwed over Ohio St for "tattoo gate". We had players trade their property for tattoos and a coach say he essentially didnt know anything about it, that was it. That was worth a bowl ban, a year of stripped wins, the firing of one of the best coaches and moral men in the history of college football? 

Followed by the Oregon paying outside coaches to push players to Oregon, Manziel getting paid for autographs and etc.. with no punishments. 

So my question is how would the NCAA and the media have handled the 2 latest instances of cheating (much more so than some bartered tattoos) if Ohio St had done it?

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