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TTUN No Longer a Softball School Either

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macdaddybuckeyesupreme's picture
May 21, 2019 at 7:24am

So after losing the title of football and basketball school, many speculated that TTUN had become a softball school, while this could have been true it is not as TTUN softball lost to James Madison to be eliminated from the softball national tournament (forgive me I don't have any idea what its called, nor do I really care, not of fan of baseball or softball).

So what's left? Water polo? Synchronized underwater basket weaving? I think TTUN should do the world a favor, drop all sports and just go away, you're an embarrassment to sports.

OP edit - I guess a little humor went over some peoples head, couldn't use sarcasm font as I typed this on a phone. Oh well, guess we just need to take everything serious all the time

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