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New Turn in College Basketball Bribery Story

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March 25, 2019 at 4:58pm

Okay... So I am trying to make sense of what the heck just transpired in the last few hours with this....  I have linked the story to the original article I had read.  I have since read a few more, but there wasn't much added that this Fox release didn't have.

  • Michael Avenatti possess "evidence" that Nike has strong ties to top NCAA coaches/figures and coloration that money passed hands to secure talent.
  • Avenatti then goes to Nike and demands the $20 Million to refrain from releasing the said information.
  • Nike declines demands and goes to the DOJ to file complaint.
  • Avenatti tweets out that he will be holding a press conference to drop said information he was trying to extort Nike with.
  • DOJ announces that Avenatti is being charged with extortion an hour later.

From here... What is actually going to happen?  I mean if the bag drops happened and this is a large as he says it is, will the information still be released and trigger more chips to fall?  I mean, I have a sneaking suspicion I have an idea of whom some of those Nike players might be... Just saying.  One can only hope all these scum bags get exposed.  Looking at you, coach who just faced off against our Bucks and had the audacity to chirp at Duane Washington on the sideline because he was hustling and begging for a call.  Also, looking at your longtime friend you're about to coach against in the Sweet Sixteen.

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