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NCAA Lawsuit Outcome

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March 10, 2019 at 11:03am

Late last week, the NCAA lost another lawsuit over athlete benefits. I'm sure they will appeal, but the judge's ruling is fodder for speculation. How it will unfold is uncertain. I'm attaching a link to the first of three articles by SI's legal expert. In short, schools will be able to offer additional non-cash, education-related benefits. It will benefit schools like OSU and conferences like the B1G because they have the money to afford additional benefits. What form could it take? Obviously programs like the one that allowed Greg Oden to come back and get his degree. I could see study abroad programs for all scholarship athletes. Instead of well-heeled donors like TUN, schools would finance an overseas study program for academic credit involving foreign language study, history, etc. Trips would take place in the off-season. I think it would have to be done across the board to avoid Title IX implications. The point is OSU could do it for nearly 1,000 scholarship athletes; Ohio U. could not and the court seems OK with that. Even with the additional TV money, schools will have to be careful. Ticket prices are at a tipping point. Maybe they have to funnel more money into scholarships than facilities to attract top talent.

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