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MGO Meltdown... 5 Star Transfer

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December 17, 2018 at 2:50pm

Got a little bored at work and wandered over to MGoBlog to see what was happening, and as always MGo delivers. It appears former 5 star DT Aubrey Solomon has asked to be released from the Michigan football program. The fans up north had high hopes for this kid, and the comments on MGo are exactly what you'd expect:

 What the actual fuck.

Weird shit. Solomon, Hudson, Singleton, all guys that were by no means scraping the bottom of the depth chart.
Asiasi and Wheatley were two guys getting tons of snaps that also transferred. You just don't see that anywhere else.
Except when we had Rich Rod... Too soon?

We are a basketball school

I hate sports.

Link to MORE!!!

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