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SEC Commisioner Greg Sankey Tells UCF to Stop Complaining About Not Making Playoff, Get Better OOC Scheduling

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December 7, 2018 at 10:59am

I find this to be pretty comical coming from Sankey, especially with the SEC's horrid OOC scheduling against multiple non power 5 programs and their refusal to go to 9 conference games. He's not changing because no one is holding his feet to the fire. He's living off of the perceived strength of the SEC conference as a whole when IMO they're just a 2-3 program lead conference. Outside of Bama, UGA and LSU the SEC is very average compared to other power 5's.

On the flip side, I would think UCF really has to consider getting into a power 5 especially with the size of their school. The last time I looked they were the largest enrolled school in the nation with ASU and tOSU following suit.

I also find it amusing how different Delaney is from Sankey. As maddening as Delaney has been with his stoic and measured responses toward his feelings with the playoff, he does represent the conference well. Sankey on the other hand I've found to be quite arrogant and defiant, especially with his push to get UGA into the playoff again this season. 

Should UCF join a power 5 and if they do which one? 

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