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Comment 30 Apr 2020

Georgia as a state has some of the best HS football recruits in the nation, top 5 in talent and the HS programs here are top notch. Like many here, I played my HS football in Ohio, left home for the military and have raised my kids in the suburbs of Atlanta. 2 of my sons have played football here. Their team talent, very good. Their opponents every week had FBS talent, most of the those kids offered by power 5 programs. Pound for pound as much as I hate to admit it, the number of players here exceeds the number of kids that Ohio raises. UGA has easy picking of what they want in their own state and still can’t be the best in CFB. During BCS era, GA was the only state in top 5 states when it came to football recruits to not have a university win a national title. CA, FL, TX and OH had a school that was able to do that. Even with Tennessee being down for the better part of 20 years now and not poaching top GA recruits, UGA has squandered it time and again. UGA most definitely underachieves time and again. Don’t believe me? Ask any UGA fan here. As annoying as they are they tell it like it is. They have everything one needs to win it all and choke every time they’re in position to win it all. Yes, Smart is a great recruiter  but his bone headed decision to not play a duel threat QB when everyone knows that’s Bama’s Achilles heal is just plain stupid. UGA fans are not over him letting Fields go...

Comment 12 Feb 2020

The consent circle is present at nearly every university and I can’t imagine it’s not at TOSU. I have two in college, a daughter and a son. One is in Ohio and the other in Georgia and both tell me it’s nearly everywhere on campus. No excuses. 

Comment 14 Jan 2020

This is why I don’t miss Meyer being at the helm. That 31-0 debacle was solely on his shoulders, a waste of a championship caliber defense so we could feed perimeter runs by Barrett and Samuel. Repeated incompetence on both sides of the ball because coaches stayed too long. Multiple players performing out of their minds when they rode the pine behind far less performing players. Thomas, Bell, Hooker, Burrow etc. 

As much as we mostly can’t stand Dabo, he had the courage to put the underclassman on the field and benched his older QB to win games and ultimately a national title. Time and again Meyer’s loyalty bit the team and his job. I have always said Burrow was better than Haskins and when he left to LSU I made the comment he would be the Buckeye assassin in the SEC west. My son reminded me of this last night when Burrow took a final knee. 

Comment 02 Jan 2020

Todd Blackledge was all over the UGA holding last night when there was no calls. He’s the only ESPN guy I’ve heard say anything about missed calls. 

Comment 31 Dec 2019

The only one I saw was a potential hold on a Clemson D lineman when Fields threw a completion to KJ Hill on a shallow post route. The rest were objectively clean. I haven’t even included the repeated hands to the face on our D line or the OSU specials teams return player #21 getting thrown down to the ground by his face mask on the roughing the punter play. All of the penalty plays that hurt the Bucks should have had off setting penalties against Clemson with officials right there and nothing called. The officiating was horrendous there’s no way around it. 

Comment 24 Dec 2019

IMO Nessler’s biggest and most exciting call during the Bama game was when Steve Miller picked a pass and got the pick 6. He was genuinely excited for that play. In most cases though he’s typically a lower key guy. I’ve met him a few times here in Atlanta, once at the College Football HOF when Urban Meyer accepted an award after the 2014 national title game once at the Perimeter Mall. He’s actually the same even keeled dude whether he’s in the booth or on his own time. I always thought Gus was great too, especially when you know inside he’s pulling for scUM. 

Comment 24 Nov 2019

I think we need to step back and stop with the conspiracy accusations likening this fan base to scUM and PSU. When we use technology to better the game and they still can’t get calls correct that’s a problem and it’s not just in the B1G, it’s across all power 5. I don’t believe a game is determined by a single play but these games in question have had multiple incidents where officiating has gotten it wrong, on the field and in an office hundreds of miles away. If the game can’t get it correct with technology stop using it all together. 

Comment 24 Nov 2019

The running into the punter play didn’t get thrown because the punter was auditioning for broadway. Had he just fell normally I believe a flag would’ve been thrown but he wasn’t contacted enough for that to happen. All acting. 

Comment 24 Nov 2019

The UGA game was just as bad. The difference was the officiating was taking care of the home team. TAMU’s 4th down pass in UGA territory down 19-13 there was blatant pass interference with the official staring right at the kid and nothing. Bad enough that blabber mouth Gary’s Danielson even acknowledged it. Before that, a targeting by UGA’s Lecount on TAMU’s beat receiver. Receiver yelled at official and he completely ignored him. 6 point win against a 4 loss unranked team at home; somehow credit is given because the rest of the SEC is playing FCS teams. Why UGA is at 4 is crazy to me. They’ve the worst loss and the weakest wins. 

Comment 23 Sep 2019

Than call NBC and complain to them for spreading incorrect rules on a live broadcast. They said it at least 2 times. If a team can’t line up correctly to run a play that’s on them and they did it multiple times last night. Bottom line is they’re a mess on offense and should have won a game where the D gave them 3 turnovers. Complaining about 1 PI call doesn’t counter what the Browns inflicted upon themselves.