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Would You Be Happy Adding Texas and Oklahoma to the B1G?

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October 8, 2018 at 3:04pm

I am sure many of you watch the Red River Shootout and enjoyed it as much as I did. Conference expansion is rolling around again in the 2022-2024 time frame. Aside from hating Herman at the moment would you be happy adding these two teams and going into a "division" style similiar to the AFC or NFC of the NFL. Going back and reading what insiders said about expansion, Oklahoma will decide between the B1G which is what they would prefer(academic, Nebraska rivalry, likely have more success) or go to the SEC with Oklahoma State by being pressured by politicians and what not. Texas would be in a weird spot and try to go to the Pac12 if they can keep the LongHorn Network or decide to come to us with Oklahoma, SEC seems likely off the table. 

I think the conference would become the best easily in the country and make the most money. I can't imagine any more expansion outside of 16 so we could stop worrying about it. I can't see any negatives with it but if Texas doesn't join we likely will take Kansas which would suck. 

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