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Names of D-1 Players Skipping Their Bowl Games to Prep for Draft...

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December 19, 2017 at 9:00am

Started combing through the internet and compiling a list of players that play for P5/D1 teams that are going to skip out on their team's bowl game and just thought I'd compile the list here.  I didn't get tweets directly from these players saying they were skipping, but reputable sources/sites put the stories out, here's who I've read so far:

Florida State DB Derwin James
Florida State DE Josh Sweat
Oregon RB Royce Freeman
West Virginia RB Justin Crawford
Texas OL Connor Williams
Texas S Deshon Elliott

These are the players I've read about so far.  If I've missed anyone feel free to add names in the comments below.  Only name on this list that really surprises me is Josh Sweat, seeing as how he didn't really ever reach that insane potential he was supposed to have (I remember people dubbing him as the next Clowney), but the rest are players in lower-tier bowl games with very little to gain.  The RB's especially you've got to kind of understand, there are only so many punishing hits you can take, however, I did read that Barkley from PSU and Guise from LSU are planning to play in their bowl games, and most draft boards have them as the #1 and #2 RBs...


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