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Any Teams You Found Enjoyable to Watch (not OSU)

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December 11, 2017 at 3:20pm

 I cannot find any reason to root for anyone other than Ohio State when it comes to college football. However, growing up,  there were some teams that I just loved watching. I'll give a few of mine. 

1. 2008 Texas Tech. Graham Harrell and Michael Crabtree were so fun to watch. Not only that, but Mike Leach had a great defense this year, highlighted but the overuse of face paint by their D-linemen.

2. 2007 Oregon Ducks - I fell in love with this team after they knocked off UM, which handed Michigan their 2nd straight loss to start the season. Dennis Dixon was great to watch. Even though this was before Chip Kelly, these Oregon Ducks, led by Dixon, ran one exciting offense. The Fake Statue of Liberty was a play my friends and I tried to recreate on the playground time after little success. Too bad Dennis Dixon destroyed his knee later in the season.

3. 2004 Auburn Tigers - Still one of the greatest nut punches ever in college football. The 2004 Auburn Tigers went 12-0, and yet failed to make the BCS National Title game, due to OU and USC both going 12-0. To make matters worse, USC was forced to vacate the win. Led by QB Jason Campbell, and RB's Cadillac Williams and Ronnie Brown, Auburn was the definition of a balanced team. The main reason I have them on this list is because they were snubbed. If you ask Auburn fans today, they have two reason why they should have been in the game. 1) OU got absolutely dominated, which led to the fuel that Auburn should have been in the game. 2) USC was ineligible. So Auburn should have been in the game instead of USC. I have family that went to Auburn. It is still a touchy subject, although 2010 was vindication to them. 

4. 2006 Rutgers - This is my final team, and without a doubt, my favorite from this list. I made it a point to watch Rutgers play this season. I even started a dynasty on NCAA 06 with Rutgers. This team featured Ray Rice, but without a doubt, my favorite player was their kicker , Jeremy Ito. He was nothing to write home about. Just a solid college kicker. But his nickname Judge Ito, and his game-winner over Louisville stuck with my 10 year-old self. 

5. 2004/2005 USC - Nope, can't bring myself to do it

Do any of you guys have some teams from any certain year, that you just liked to watch, even if you didn't care for the team?

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