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Why Not Withdraw from These Playoffs and Create a New System?

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December 4, 2017 at 10:55pm

I kept asking myself why the B1G and the other conferences didn't agree to conference champs only when this system was created. I had read the SEC was vehemently opposed to conference champs only, because it rightly deduced that with its control of ESPN to influence the narrative and with historical precedent already in LSU vs. Alabama, that it had a great chance to get in two teams in a four team playoffs.

What if the B1G, Big 12, and Pac 12 all withdrew from this current system and let the ACC and SEC to their own devices to have their Southern College Football Playoffs? If you read SEC fan forums regularly, it is clear that they neither respect football played in other parts of the country nor have any desire to play those teams. So, let them stage playoffs every year where it would be Alabama vs. Clemson and Georgia vs. Auburn or Alabama vs. LSU and Florida vs. Clemson, etc, etc. Their fans would truly be happier.

Now imagine a 4 team playoffs consisting of the B1G, Big 12, and Pac 12 champions along with the highest ranked G5 or Notre Dame if it chooses to be part of this system. I would gladly choose to be part of this system rather then beg to be included in the Southern Football Playoffs, where we are not really wanted. When the playoffs were created, I envisioned a system where the champions from all over the country played each other to see who was the best. I did not care to have a committee of people with biases select who they thought were the four "best" teams, which is a very fallible and flawed exercise, as we have seen the past four years.

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