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  • SPORTS MOMENT: OSU winning the BCS national championship in the 2002 season. A close second is beating Alabama in the 2015 Sugar Bowl.
    Cleveland Indians beating the New York Yankees in MLB playoffs 1997.
  • NFL TEAM: Cleveland Browns
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Cleveland Indians

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Comment 19 hours ago

There is no way OSU will get blown out by any average team in the B1G. Last 2 years were an anomaly because Urban had checked out and his buddies as assistant coaches were running the defense. Ryan Day is a young guy looking to make a name for himself so he's not going to be giving out handouts to his buddies. He'll get rid of underperforming coaches, which it seems like he already has on defense. Stud is probably on thin ice though on the offensive side and if the O line doesn't perform up to slob standards this year he will be gone. 

Comment 19 hours ago

ESPN should launch ESPN 10: The Lebron News Network. All Lebron news, all the time. All shows anchored by Brian Windhorst.

Comment 19 hours ago

Whatever "investigation" there was regarding Clemson is over and done with no punishment. I always think about Animal House when I think about Ohio State and self reporting sanctions to the NCAA so extensively when you never hear about other schools doing it to such an extent: "thank you sir may I have another?"

Comment 15 Sep 2019

Also, how ESPN still allows the false narrative that OSU's 2002 win against Miami was tainted by the late flag. Nevermind the numerous Zapruder film level analysis done by various OSU fans easily found on the internet that shows all the muggings that Miami got away with earlier, like the infamous one on Gamble, that if called correctly never would have allowed the game to reach that point.

Comment 15 Sep 2019

I think its now obvious that Delaney got a few extra bucks for the B1G by going against ESPN and creating BTN, but imagine if he took less money and partnered up with ESPN. Imagine the talking heads nonstop pushing the B1G narrative, recruits being influenced by them, while the SEC was the conference on the outside looking in. Was earning a few extra bucks worth it in the long run for the B1G? I'm sure the conference presidents don't care and Delany himself because they are just money whores, but we fans got the short end.

Comment 15 Sep 2019

The committee looks at rule number 3400a-2 which clearly states "the point differential in a loss does not matter, unless the losing team is Ohio State in which case any "bad" loss automatically eliminates Ohio State".

Ex: Last year UGA got blown out by LSU and had 2 losses, but it did not matter to the committee since the bad loss by Ohio State eliminated Ohio State from consideration. 2015 is another example. The bad loss to MSU eliminated defending champion Ohio State. I will go to my death bed knowing had it been defending champion Alabama in the exact same situation that year the committee would have undergone all sorts of body bending contortions to have Alabama in even over someone, anyone, even over the SEC champion had Alabama not won it.

Comment 15 Sep 2019

Holding my nose and hoping for UGA all the way. No matter what, ESPN's/Herbstreit's non-stop narrative of SEC superiority will get the SEC champion in. An undefeated ND does not help OSU's cause any way. I really wish the TTUN/ND game was played earlier so if ND lost that game then I would be hoping for a ND win. I can't stand the SEC.

Comment 13 Sep 2019

I just want Urban to interview Harbaugh. That would be must watch TV. I can just imagine the questions:

"So how did it feel to lose to me all the time"

"What'd you think when the Revenge Tour crashed and burned last year"

Comment 11 Sep 2019

This law allows athletes to make money off their likeness. The school isn't paying the athlete. For example, a wrestler can run a camp while in school and get paid. A qb can sell his autograph and get paid. Etc.

The NCAA will lose opposing this on right to work laws and antitrust. The rest of the states will pass similar laws to be competitive with CA. Otherwise, the best athletes will go to CA schools since they can earn legit money on the side.

Also, if the argument is boosters will make fake jobs and pay the athletes. So what. Let the athletes earn what they can get. I have no qualms with that when shady guys like Dabo Swinney are making $9.3 million a year now off free labor.

Comment 11 Sep 2019

Well, Saban and Dabo will vehemently oppose this legislation since if athletes can legitimately earn side income their "business model" and the competitive advantage it brings (new whips, rims, suits, ostarine, etc.) go out the window and are made obsolete. Suddenly UCLA and USC become the new college powers.

Comment 11 Sep 2019

I don't think you necessarily need 4.3 guys to win titles because those guys are obviously rare. You do need a guy like a Devin Smith who can take the top off and is a sure threat to grab that deep ball when thrown to him. That was what they sorely lacked in 2015 after he graduated.

Comment 11 Sep 2019

If you are a wealthy pro athlete or entertainer and if you want to protect yourself from being accused of rape later on, you should have a signed contract (that is videotaped being signed) before every sexual encounter stating that said encounter was consensual between both parties. Just keep a stack of blank contracts on your nightstand. If I were a wealthy businessman I would do the same.

Comment 10 Sep 2019

As expected, Zach is defending AB hard on twitter. Posted AB's lawyer's statement.