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  • SPORTS MOMENT: OSU winning the BCS national championship in the 2002 season. A close second is beating Alabama in the 2015 Sugar Bowl.
    Cleveland Indians beating the New York Yankees in MLB playoffs 1997.
  • NFL TEAM: Cleveland Browns
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Cleveland Indians

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Comment 12 Jul 2019

Just imagine what a run these guys could have had if KD didn't turn into a snake and OKC didn't lowball JH. That's 3 future MVP's on one team!

Comment 12 Jul 2019

Take the best, process the rest. That's the new reality of college football for the true elites (Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State).

Comment 09 Jul 2019

On a selfish note, Urban going to USC would be bad for OSU. It would add another recruiting power to compete with and he definitely would get guys from Ohio to go there. USC would be the recruiting juggernaut that it was under Carroll.

Comment 08 Jul 2019

If Day is fired or leaves for the NFL, I could see Meyer coming back to OSU again. Maybe ND if Kelly leaves. Other than that, think he's done.

Comment 04 Jul 2019

Is anyone concerned about all the 3*'s? Didn't seem like Urban had this many in 1 class. Yeah, stars aren't everything but we made fun of ttun last week for all the 3*'s they got.

Comment 04 Jul 2019

I think calling a kid on the other team an a-hole is unbecoming of a college coach, who are supposed to be leaders and mentors. Calling another coach that, no problem. Besides, Higdon was really egged on to come up with that weak guarantee if you watched that press conference. 

Comment 26 Jun 2019

I have a slightly different perspective on this as it relates to OSU in the 90s. Earl Bruce drove OSU into mediocrity in the 80's. John Cooper modernized OSU football and got it back to elite status in the 90's, with two #2 AP finishes. OSU was by far the dominant team in the B1G in the late 90's with UM's title in '97 an outlier. We only remember Cooper's losses to UM, but quickly forget the positives he brought to the program.

Comment 16 Jun 2019

Lakers won this trade. Pels could have had Kuz if they made the trade earlier. Those Lakers picks are going to turn out to be low end first round picks in the 20s, which in the NBA are essentially useless. Lebron isn't getting any younger and they already wasted this year, so the Lakers had to go all in especially with the Warriors vulnerable.

Any chance the Cavs could trade their #5, and #26 this year to move up?