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  • SPORTS MOMENT: OSU winning the BCS national championship in the 2002 season. A close second is beating Alabama in the 2015 Sugar Bowl.
    Cleveland Indians beating the New York Yankees in MLB playoffs 1997.
  • NFL TEAM: Cleveland Browns
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Cleveland Indians

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Comment 16 Jan 2020

Would the Bengals trade the #1 to the Browns for Baker Mayfield and Myles Garrett or Baker Mayfield and the Browns #1 this year?

Comment 15 Jan 2020

B1G has no one but itself to blame for self inflicted wounds. Going against ESPN by creating BTN; it could have been the B1G that ESPN was pimping all these years but Delaney wanted a few bucks more. Going to 9 conference games instead of staying at 8 like the SEC; no one forced the B1G to do this and the committee has shown that it doesn't care if a team plays an FCS team.

Comment 15 Jan 2020

UGA was garbage this year. No offense at all. Lost to SCar and should have lost to an average ND team. LSU got a lot of points in the eyes of the media for beating a bad Texas team and an average UGA team. No undefeated B1G team will ever be ranked ahead of an undefeated SEC team becaause the nonstop media narrative of SEC superiority influences the comittee. Facts don't matter.

Comment 14 Jan 2020

ND is a great school and if a recruit wants to go there for academic reasons I can't fault him for it, but OSU is the only Northern school in the BCS/Playoff era that has shown it can realistically win a national title or compete for one. The greats of the past - ND, PSU, TTUN, Nebraska have all faded away and are not realistic options for a recruit seeking to win a national title.

Comment 14 Jan 2020

This board doesn't like it when people criticize their hero who lead the charge to 31-0.

Comment 13 Jan 2020

Of course I'll watch because its college football's championship game and I hope its a good game. Hope Clemson loses a key player to a questionable targeting penalty. Hope Clemson loes the game on a very controversial call that is reversed by the replay booth guy. Hope Joe Burrow says something witty at the end to rub salt into Clemson's wound. Hope everyoen realizes afer this game that Ohio State was the best team in college football but was robbed due to officiating incompetence.

Comment 12 Jan 2020

Then why not hire Coach Saleh, who is the architect of that 49ers defense and by all accounts a great leader?

Comment 12 Jan 2020

Such a Cleveland hire. Vikings offense gets stoned by 49ers defense coached by Saleh, and who do the Browns hire? Not Saleh, who was the other finalist.

Comment 11 Jan 2020

I think this is the year the bottom falls out for TTUN. Not impressed at all with their qb's; they are going to be longing for Shea, which is really saying something. Losing a lot to the portal also. Maybe another loss to OSU and a 7-5, 8-4 season causes Harbaugh to call it quits.

Comment 07 Jan 2020

The new rules sound interesting. Good for them to try to differntiate the product instead of be just another league with NFL rejects. I'll probably try to follow whatever team has the most OSU players. Hopefully helps tide me over until college and NFL football starts again.

Comment 06 Jan 2020

OU hurt themselves just as badly in public perception this year as OSU did with 31-0, i.e., very badly. No one wants to see OU in the playoffs anytime soon and if the records are equal Pac 12 champ would get the nod over OU.

Comment 05 Jan 2020

Herbstreit is a great sell in that regard because OSU could tell recruits 'that guy really sucked when he was here, never beat TTUN, now look at him earning $2 mill a year at ESPN as the face of college football".

Comment 05 Jan 2020

He certainly didn't have the defensive genius rep when he left OU. I think most OU fans were happy to see him leave.

Comment 03 Jan 2020

Clemson will drop an ACC game and be left out of the playoffs. OSU goes undefeated and defeats UGA and Alabama in the playoffs to win the title.

Comment 02 Jan 2020

Bingo. That's why I laugh when Herbstreit trots out that lie that ESPN loves OSU for the ratings...as you said people are gonna watch the playoff games no matter who is playing.