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Jabrill Peppers: Where would he play for tOSU?

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September 19, 2016 at 4:03pm

Having a friendly work debate with a TTUN fan about this past weekend's games and he said that Peppers would also be OSU's best player. I am not naive enough to say Peppers is not a good football player, but I sort of hit a wall when coming up with what position he would play on our D. He is not a LB for us, and is not playing FS over Hooker. I don't think he is better than our corner duo so far this season. So that leaves nickel and safety over Damon Webb. I do think he would be our punt returner and probably kick returner as well.

Do you think he has a starting spot anywhere else on our Defense? Please help me win this Water cooler "argument"

edit: We did not discuss offense but I could see him in the H back position but not ahead of Curtis Samuel


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