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Would Nebraska leave the B1G?

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July 26, 2015 at 1:26pm

Living in Big XII country means that I'm a little more exposed to their headlines than others. So, when they held their media days last week, Bill Snyder's overtures about looking forward to the past for Big XII expansion got me to thinking.

My question is this: If the Big XII restructures their TV deal and money isn't the issue, would Nebraska go back to the Big XII?

I don't know that they've enjoyed the success they expected in the B1G, and other issues like academics and research factor in, yet I wonder if the University is truthfully happy with the move. Also, is Texas A&M happy in the SEC? This season will mark the first time, I believe ever, that A&M will not play one opponent from the state of Texas. Their fans are not happy. Think about how much "TEXAS" means to those people. Would they go back to the Big XII, given that the payout was right?

I know the immediate reaction will be an emphatic "No!" on both counts. But, I think if you look a little deeper, it's not that far fetched. The Big XII could score a huge TV pay day if they ever put these pieces into play. 

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