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Jake Ryan to MIKE

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February 25, 2014 at 5:12pm

Living in the mitten I saw an article that Jake Ryan will be moving to the MIKE linebacker for his final year in AA.  Obviously the dude is super athletic but I'm not sold on how physical or how strong he can be holding his own on the inside.  He plays well in space and I wonder if he has the explosiveness in the hips, ankles, and upper body to build a wall in the holes when needed.  His productivity should increase which is why I assume they made the switch but with more and more teams running spread formations I think I would rather have a 6'3 240 athletic guy out on the edge causing havoc than limited inside the box. This also creates a hole at the SAM where he used to be.  They really lack an athlete with the right combination of size and speed you would typically like to play out there to replace Ryan. Just an interesting move that I'm not sure plays to their advantage.  

Gotta love the offseason right....

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