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Dumb and dumber...Bert and Nicky's HUNH rule change

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February 23, 2014 at 10:33pm

So Bert's argument is basically that more football = more risk.  Someone get this guy a MENSA membership.

I guess we should ban overtime now because that means more plays would be run and there is an increased chance for injury. 

What about blowout games in the 3rd quarter?  The other team has no chance in hell of actually winning, so why are they out there still playing and risking themselves?  That's dangerous and there is no need for it right?   Oh wait, nobody wants to hear about "player safety" bullshit when corporate execs still have TV time and commercial spots to fill. Carry on.... 

Maybe we should only play 8 games a year instead of 13...that would be safer wouldn't it?  Is it safe for teams to practice still?  They could get hurt there.

This whole preposal is such a joke.

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