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Comment 20 Jan 2018

No doubt.  I don't know why but he didn't seem content with just being OL coach; there were reports of him being in the mix and interviewing for bigger things at the end of every season.  I get the sense from reading various comments that there's some uneasiness about his departure from OSU.  I think it depends on whether or not he actually wanted to be promoted to OC and try and prove himself in that role.  If he was reluctant and only did it to try and help Urban/Beck then I could understand having some hard feelings about how everything went down.  If he knew the risks and took his shot well...sometimes you miss.  

Comment 19 Jan 2018

Rollercoaster of a game.  Think we all felt CERTAIN they were going to lose after so many self inflicted mistakes and ref calls going against them.  I honestly didn't know JT was capable of that before I saw it with my own eyes.

Comment 19 Jan 2018

Seems that the context has been buried.  He was asked if there has been trash talking between he and Michigan's TE.

"Ruckert said there is no reason to trash talk with Muhammad about their future rivalry game..."

In this context, proclaiming that the Buckeyes have been dominant for so long that he can't understand why it's considered a rivalry is tantamount to trash talking.  Which makes it funny because he said "there's no reason to trash talk.." but then he goes on to essentially trash talk.  Good stuff 

Comment 18 Jan 2018

Hard to not have that perception as a young person.  We've been the better program for almost 20 years... pretty remarkable. 

Gotta be careful not to let the younger guys take it for granted.  Don't lose respect for the rivalry because that's when it will bite you in the ass.  One loss to Jimmy and I'm quite sure everyone will instantly "get it".