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Comment 26 Nov 2020

Day should start coding the information he gives out.  Find the leak. 

Comment 23 Nov 2020

Based on what I've seen Marcus Hooker thinks he's a linebacker.  He wants to run up and pursue things that aren't there.  He's also rocked up and doesn't have the speed to recover from a mistake.

I hope we can shore it up before we face NFL caliber QB and WR tandems. Needing to score 60 to win a playoff game is not ideal

Comment 22 Nov 2020

I'm happy they're having a nice season but honestly it should be zero.  They don't have the schedule, the roster, depth etc.  Beating SMU lets you punch your ticket to play Bama?  5-3 UCF just gave them all they can handle.   

I'd love to see them play Michigan though

Comment 22 Nov 2020

I mentioned that a week or two ago.  His current weight/speed combo might not be ideal though.

The thing I like about Werner is that he's really smart and a good tackler.  Those are kind of like the most important attributes I look for in safety play

Comment 21 Nov 2020

These high profile media announcers have alluded to it and some have admitted it before.  They are around the coaches/team during the week and pick up stuff at practice sometimes.  They get tipped off about certain things the team wants to do that week.  "if we are in this kind of situation we will try this" etc