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Comment 07 Dec 2019

I still believe we're one of the four best but you wouldn't know it based on what you see tonight.  Nobody respected Wisconsin all week and the players have been reading press clipping and getting smoke blown up their ass.

Comment 07 Dec 2019

Any chance they make adjustments or are the hotshot coaches too busy playing with their phones and chasing bigger paychecks?  So fucking sick of this team literally disintegrating any time it looks like we've finally put something good together.

Comment 07 Dec 2019

That really set the tone I thought.  It was clear Okudah wanted no part of Taylor

In fact nobody seems to want to tackle, everyone standing around hoping someone else will do it.

Comment 07 Dec 2019

Fields needs to learn how to not take sacks.  And also when to know when you're sacked.

Comment 07 Dec 2019

Oklahoma took advantage in 2017 is when our defense started taking a nosedive.  Mayfield made those fans really cocky too and I remember a lot of chirping.  It's time to settle the score

Plus nobody respects Baylor so it would only cheapen our title run.