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Change of Pace to Get Our Minds off of the B1G Fiasco for a Moment...

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September 9, 2020 at 6:18pm

Without OSU football (for at least the next 6-8 weeks minimum) I have a lot of "free" time that I won't be using to watch college football. As a result, I thought I'd start a thread about Youtube channels to see what everyone on the forum subscribes to; it is a great way to introduce your interests outside of OSU football to all of us. Here are the top channels/users that I follow:

  • Ghost Town Living: A guy bought a deserted mining town named Cerro Gordo in the mountains above Death Valley, CA. If you watch his first video you will get hooked. He is living in the town pretty much alone and hopes he and his business partner will be able to open it up to the public by summer 2021. He has found some crazy stuff in the mines and the weather changes from the valley floor to the town on the mountain are incredible.
  • StangMode: I love Mustangs, Shelbys, and SVT cars. He owns a built 2018 Mustang and a new 2020 GT500. A lot of good drag races with Vettes, Hellcats, etc. He does most of his racing at the strip, not on the street, which is illegal. 
  • Vice Grip Garage: Dude in Minnesota who works on old cars...he gets them up and running and fixes them. 
  • NJ Slot Guy: I don't go to casinos too often here in Vegas because I realized long ago that you're gonna lose your money, but I like watching other people play. This guy goes to casinos in NJ and spends tons of money in slot play. Exciting to watch him burn through money that isn't mine!
  • Slotlady: I like watching her when she plays table games at the casinos, especially blackjack. Plus, she is cute. 
  • samcrac: Buys cars at auction and fixes them up. Usually later model cars (unlike Vice Grip Garage).

While I don't subscribe to any, I also like watching bigfoot sightings, wild animal encounters, and fail videos (Fail Army mostly).

So what are some channels/users that you subscribe to? 

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