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Landscaping and Gardening Tips/Suggestions/Questions

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June 1, 2020 at 10:25am

I always enjoy reading input from other 11Ws on here whether it is books, cooking, etc. and didn't see any threads for landscaping or gardening. I, like most I'm sure, have spent a lot of time on the yard during this quarantine and have really enjoyed it. I am a fairly new homeowner in most regards (4 years) and have limited knowledge on gardening/landscaping and would love to here input from others with more experience. 

Some quick questions I would love to hear more about: 

  • What plants/flowers do well in Ohio's weather?
  • When should you plant vegetables, etc. in a garden? I recently built a large garden box around our shed but I think I might've missed the window for this season. 
  • What projects have you done this year? 

Any other types/suggestions are welcome. 


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