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Miami Hurricane Blog Wants Tate Martell to Start at Miami

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October 21, 2019 at 3:42pm

I've been curious about Tate Martell since he left OSU. I always want ex Buckeyes to do well. Dude was 45-0 for Bishop Gorman, and we do know he is very athletic. I saw his HS videos, I know he can throw the ball too, he just didn't seem to pan out at OSU. I do know one thing, if he stayed here, he would be getting a lot more playing time than in Miami, which is zero. At least he found a hot girlfriend down there

Miami is 3-4 so far this year, and the QB's really haven't played all that bad overall, but they just can't seem to get the job done. Part of that is because they are so immobile, they make Dwayne Haskins look like Michael Vick.

Thought you guys might like this read of our favorite guy to make fun of, Mr "Ass My Dude" himself, Tate Martell.  Active thread at the moment...

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