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October 8, 2019 at 4:08pm

Here are my top pods other than the Dubcast (kinda miss Beau) and the 11W radio hour...not a lot outside of sports (I won't list the political pods I tune into) ...not in any order but kinda


Simmons (turn it off when he compares any situation with the Celtics)

4-6 with A&B - Ari and Bill's new podcast from The Athletic

The Audible - Stew and Bruce from The Athletic

Podcast Ain't Played Nobody - still getting used to no Bill C

Best of Lebatard Show - not for everyone, espically if you take sports pretty seriously

Menace 2 Society/Midwest

Action Network - College gambling pod with Stuckey and Collin

Solid Verbal

Buckeye Talk from - listen to 1.5X and skip a lot more now than I used to...Miss Ari and Bill

Selby is Godcast - Indians pod with Zach Meisel and TJ Zuppe

The Press Box - Bryan Curtis and David Shoemaker from The Ringer

Richard Dietch's media pod from The Athletic - hit or miss

Stanford Steve and The Bear

Pods that I miss - Herbie and Fitz, the rebranded ESPN CFB pod with Pollick and Herbie is as generic and bland as possible

There's a few Browns pods out there but they are all generic, must run the ball, stop the penalties, stop the run, blah blah blah

Off season/dead time - Something to Wrestle with Bruce Pritchard/83 weeks with Eric Bischoff/Grilling JR (all wrasslin behind the scenes from the 80s/90s/00s)

I'm sure everyone agrees....ready go

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