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Moving From the City to the Country

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August 12, 2019 at 1:14pm

Well everyone, the time has finally come. Over the years, my fiancee and I have enjoyed the amenities of the city. We could walk from our house to numerous coffee shops, two breweries, a grocery store, and some of the best restaurants Columbus has to offer. Living in such a cool urban area comes with its pitfalls. We've had packages and decorations stolen off our porch, cars broken into, almost weekly violent crimes committed just a mile away, and parking woes due to developers running amok. Half of our friends rarely venture out due to being married with very young children whereas our other half of friends insist on going out at 11pm on weekends. We're somewhere in between. 

We're having contractors make some improvements to our home and decided to stay with family in Tuscarawas County for the past month. A combination of swimming in their pool after a hard day's work, being just a few miles from a couple lakes, watching my dogs run freely through their fields, and watching a the sun set over a beautiful valley make us yearn for a this kind of life so we're thinking of making the move within a the next couple of years. 

Has anyone done something similar and could offer some advice? We both grew up in rural areas with close proximity to major interstates so driving around 30 minutes to run errands isn't a huge deal. Hell, sometimes it takes that long to make it 5 miles in the city. We're kind of eyeing land in Akron/Canton/Tusky County area due because we'll be close to family when we start to have children. We figure we could always travel to Cleveland, Pittsburgh, or Columbus for the weekend if we get the itch for some excitement. I travel work work and my fiancee can transfer her government job so commute time isn't a huge issue. 



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