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Greatest Sports Moment vs Greatest Game You Ever Experienced

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May 31, 2019 at 12:08pm

In your long experience as a sports fan, can you/do you distinguish between these two?

I unequivocally can and, interestingly, neither one happened at a sports event I witnessed in person (even though I have been fortunate enough to have attended a number of memorable games).

The greatest sports moment (which I watched on TV): the final play of the BCS game between Ohio State and Miami.  Why?  Well, I probably don’t have to spell it out on this site but, in any case, it was because it was an actual championship moment with the game still very much up in the air—and it came after 34 years of waiting.  I hope the younger fans on 11W never have to experience that kind of wait.  

But the greatest game for me—which I listened to on radio—was the Knicks’ remarkable comeback in Game 5 of the 1970 NBA Finals against the Lakers after Willis Reed went down with an injury and it seemed like the Knck’s title hope went down the drain with Willis.

Maybe part of why I feel this way is because I was young—just 16 years old—and the Knicks had never won a title and were in the midst of a storybook season.  Plus, it was an incredible comeback when all seemed hopeless.  Finally, the announcer calling the game was a young Marv Albert who so perfectly captured the emotions and excitement of the action.

So I suppose it was a combination of factors.

So, just curious what your all-time favorite moment and/or game is—and whether you experienced it in person or on TV or radio?  And roughly how old were you when you had that experience?  Thanks.

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