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A Great Reason to Never Use Cellphone While Driving.

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May 27, 2019 at 3:43am

God has a plan - validated this morning at 5:01 AM. I was driving back to Rome with my family asleep in our SUV and was in the last 45 minutes of an 8 hour drive from Sicily.

It was raining and dark still and I was in the fast lane closest to the divider.... and for an unknown reason I focused on a semi truck and trailer in the opposite lane in the distance and then everything went in to slow motion....

That truck's lights quickly changed direction and were pointing toward the divider and then slammed in to the wall. Because I just happened to be looking at it when this happened I bumped the breaks, shifted lanes, and where we would have been a second later the entire top of the semi cab landed in the lane we were in.

Thank God I wasn't distracted - I never fiddle with my phone while driving so my eyes were forward - had I been for even a split second the entire cab would have been on top of us. My wife was in the back because she went to check in on the twins (14 months old) and she fell asleep with no seatbelt on. I've never seen a semi truck come apart like this - it literally hit the wall and exploded in to pieces and the entire cab launched over the concrete barrier and landed in the fast lane where we were previously.

Scary stuff - Spent the final 45 minutes of the drive with the cross I wear on my necklace clutched in my hand. Feeling blessed this morning.

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