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Walking Dead Season 9 (Spoilers Possible)

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September 9, 2018 at 3:05pm

With the new season approaching soon October 7th to be exact. The closer we got to the season finale last year the more teasers they gave us. The helicopter, Jadis joining the hilltop or Alexandria? keeping negan alive in a jail cell? Maggie having her godfather like strategy meeting?  a new group posting boundries? How does a horde of mindless corpses get organized and moving in a predetermined direction? Spoilers don't generally bother me when we are talking about a whole tv series  built on the premise that one virus could wipe out almost all of humanity, especially the military and government. Each year we lose popular cast members, mostly killed off. This season may be a little different as we may lose some major players but not killed off permanently. And they are definitely doing the time jump. Which would allow characters from the past to return. Who knows maybe we see a return of Shane in someone's thoughts?

Haven't watched much of Fear TWD, just like I don't go to other buckeye sites much other than keeping up with Tony Gerdman over @  the o-zone. 

So how many Dubber's are still WD fans and patiently awaiting Season 9 to start like I am? TOSU's 2018 season starting has really tempered what angst I had at all for the season 9 premiere. Yet still look forward to another season of head scratching cast decisions. To me, Maggie & Rick are my deal breakers as far as my continued interest in this show.

What are your deal breakers fellow dubbers?

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