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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The Buckeye's winning the 2015 Sugar Bowl.

    TOSU's national championship 2002 against scUM south.
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Comment 6 hours ago

Sorry that Cooper is dealing with a injury his senior year, sucks. Pulled my hamstring first week of fall camp my senior year in HS.Really zapped my confidence short term.Then I remembered it was mentioned during a broadcast that some tailbacks would wear a girdle as a precaution, it applied pressure right where it was of course I wore a girdle and wrapped it with a ace bandage on top, didn’t lose much time at all. Fortunately DB was our thinnest position.

Comment 9 hours ago

In B deck, make sure you are not too far back. The pics they put up have very favorable angles, minimizing the impact of obstructions. FYI, if it’s the “Game”, then any seat is great.

Comment 20 Aug 2019

KJ gets my vote. 5th year senior that has gone from last day throw in scholly to team captain. Never thought of transferring due to lack of playing time. He had a tough time throughout his Buckeye career,nagging injuries and roster depth had to be frustrating.

Comment 19 Aug 2019

Most of those guys just weren’t nfl QB’s. I don’tthink starting early causes that. Poor work ethic maybe and giving up, may be? Look at Plunket. Not necessarily disagreeing but the article shows it trending in another direction the last few years. Credit the tackling restrictions on QB’s as helping the young guns transition a little easier maybe?

Comment 19 Aug 2019

If he indeed was rehabbing and not able to work on strength & conditioning as much because of the injury, that would make perfect sense. He graded out well but if you are a 1/2 step slow in reacting that the difference in being in a good football stance to make a tackle versus being a half step late without the good stance=arm tackle. Which a quality BIG 10 back should run through, and we saw that time and time again last year. I don’t remember many long runs that we didn’t get at least a hand on the ball carrier in the backfield or close to the LOS. What did we miss, 30 tackles against Nebraska or was it Maryland? I remember one game we missed an absurd amount of tackles, not sure which game.

Comment 19 Aug 2019

Sounds like everything is coming together at the right time. With this roster Chugunov could win 10 games here, the question is can Fields beat the elite defenses of Clemson,Bama and UGA? Or will he look like Todd Boekman versus USC and LSU? I highly doubt it but you never know. I was mildly shocked how bad JT looked against Clemson, but we saw signs in the regular season from the offense that pointed towards that performance against Clemson was a possibility. Namely the first 3 qtrs vs tsun in 2016.

Comment 19 Aug 2019

Borland is actually smaller, 6’1” 230#’s, Browning 6’4” 238,Stover 6’4” 238 OLB,Eichenberg 6’3” 230 MLB. Smallish middle linebackers are nothing new, been trending to faster smaller LB’s since our spread ate up Alabama’s huuuuge LB’s. In today’s game,attacking the LB’s on the outside and the middle of the field seems to be the thing.Even the best defenses are vulnerable to spread offenses imo.

Comment 19 Aug 2019

Just curious, who are the QB’s that were ruined because they started as rookies? Elway had one of the worst first couple years I’ve seen as did Jim Plunket,who had a pretty good career in Oakland.


Comment 14 Aug 2019

He grades out around 90% every game as does Werner. Which means 90% of the time they made the right reads and were in position to make a tackle. Werner was a first year starter and entering his 3rd year in the program. Does anybody remember the difference between Donnie Nickey’s performance his junior year compared to his senior year? I could come up with more examples but I think you get my point. I wouldn’t be shocked at all if Werner makes the 1st team BIG honors this year. He’s showed flashes and guys @ 6’3” 230 running 4.5’s are not falling out maple tree’s. Borland should bounce back. He took over the middle in the 2017 Army game I believe. We had another LB that as a true freshman was looking really good. Ended up a medical hardship unfortunately. I would say 90% of LB’s do not look good against spread teams, but doesn’t necessarily mean they are not  good football players. And again losing the best player in college football after 3 games will affect any defense, especially the back 7.

Comment 14 Aug 2019

I’m not saying he would break the sack record his first year, but this guy is physically stronger than some of his teammates already. 6’6” 255, with a legit 4.5. I think by November he’s in the DL rotation.He should be strong enough to go inside in the Rushman package as well. DE isn’t a position like wr or OL where you have complicated blocking schemes. DL is probably the quickest route for freshman with the physical attributes to play in the BIG. He was probably physically ready his senior year in HS. If there is one thing we need on defense it’s a unblock-able 260# behemoth with 4.5 speed imo. Our pass rush hasn’t exactly been as dominant as it has been the last couple years.Losing Bosa really hurt the defense more than they let on Imo.

Comment 12 Aug 2019

I never had a thought of Martel starting over  Haskins. Would have liked to have seen him run Meyer’s offense after Haskins certainly. Maybe a few more red zone RPO packages than he got last year. Would have gave Simba a chance to look at the plays every now & then. He must have already had a foot out the door long before Fields was even mentioned. I think I remember a recruiting article here mentioning Meyer doing some coaxing of Martel to stick it out and compete for 2019, and that was early in the fall. Some have said he thought he’d play the first year he was here and I think the consensus would be he wasn’t  even on the same level of JT or a Burrow. I think big time athletes @ certain positions from these very regionalized football schools can lead to some players never living up to the expectations. We see it time from time from the big PA schools. Was looking forward to cheap tickets to a game to see Tate. Probably $30

Comment 08 Aug 2019

True, but they are being paid to play not rehab. A friggin bone bruise, are you kidding me? Had a severe ankle sprain (when you turn your ankle so hard it damages both sides) in local basketball league. Wrapped it and played again  in 7 days. Wasn’t 100% for quite awhile. Yet JT has arthroscopic on his meniscus and plays 6 days later. A bone bruise sounds like he’s hurt not injured. In the end it won’t matter they’ll both get huge 2nd contracts because their potential and what if’s.