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    TOSU's national championship 2002 against scUM south.
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Comment 22 hours ago
Wow, funny how peopke remember things. As I remember those days we had 2 legitament wr's and no depth now we have 8 capable wr's. Dixon,Campbell and KJ really broke out for OSU througj hardv work setting the table for Day & Hartline to be successful in recruiting. We have never had this depth before going all the way back. Shlicter had 2 receivers Gary Williams and the guy they called white lightning forget his name. Under Meyer we have 3 deep across the roster, as it should be at a brand lije TOSU. Always appreciated coach Tressel and his efforts but always knew the OSU brand could do better recruiting wise at least. There was a time OSU couldnt sign a QB to save their lives now they are dropping into our laps. All it took was the right coach.
Comment 15 Feb 2019

Once again TOSU brain trust lays an egg with the ZS faux scandal. Meyer never lied, how can you lie about something that didn't happen? McDOUCHe asked Meyer about ZS's felony arrest, right? I never understood why that was never made crystal clear in the first place. And all Tressel had to do was inform the NCAA that they had a impermissible benefit situation when he received the email, but that it was complicated because of a DOJ investigation. We still probably lose Pryor for the year but we would  still have our coach.

Comment 15 Feb 2019

actually I love the beverage service now. since they don't take cash anymore they let you go ahead and buy as many drinks as you want. love it. especially on Spirit Airlines where they charge for everything, no free sodas or coffee on that airline. my fav is JetBlue, service is better than all the others. American airlines on the other hand is the worst, never fly aa.

Comment 14 Feb 2019


Comment 13 Feb 2019
Correction- Pete Werner 6'3" 236#'s, wow didn't realise he was that big looks like a DB on the field. If he really runs a sub 4.6 40 thats very exciting moving forward imo. The Jets list Darron Lee as 6'1" 230#'s, 24/7 & TOSU have him listed @ 6'3" 230#'s, lol, so who knows. Even @ 6'1" Werner has good size & speed for his position. In today's game with spread offenses guys with his measurables are in high demand to say the least. This was only his sophmore year, you'll see a big improvement by Werner in his 3rd year. Darron Lee broke out his 2nd year, but he was a freak. I'll say it right now Werner will be one of the the most improved on the Defense next year, BOOM! That just happened b*txges.
Comment 13 Feb 2019
I'm sure TOSU can ante up a nice enough salary to keep The Urbs around long enough that this indeed really was his retirement. He'll become a regular part time(game days only) talking head on the sport shows circuit. Urbans compensation & role from TOSU moving forward will be interesting. What position other than 'Real Life Wednesday', recruiting coordinating or fundraising would he be doing?
Comment 12 Feb 2019
The article also points out that JT Barret holds the OSU record for total passing yards which he set in 50 games with 9,434 yards. Drew Brees holds the BIG career passing yardage with 11,792 yards in 45 games. In 14 games Haskins had 4831 yards. 345 a game. Haskins would only need 28 games to break JT's record and 35 games to break the big record.
Comment 12 Feb 2019
I think the whisperer's would have had an even bigger impact had they been introduced earlier in the show, say midway of the Saviors reign maybe? You can see a spike popularity and chatter on social media about the show. They are definitely targeting new fans imo. Based on ratings do they have different season ending episode's ready ro go? I don't read the comics so i don't know what happens after the impending war with the whisperer's ends. Do the Hilltop, Kingdom and Alexandria unite vs the whisperer's and do they all survive? Surely more cast members will be leaving for big opportunities. Maggie getting her own show on NBC is directly because of TWD. AMC is in the deep end with the big boys now.
Comment 12 Feb 2019
Bucksfan92, I think it had an affect in the game as well but for a different reason. If McCall doesn't fumble, for arguments sake lets say he returns that kickoff to the 25 and we still manage a field goal, making it 24-13 instead of 24-19. I really think SCum scoring twice on their last 2 possessions before the half had an affect on their HT adjustments. Having had the privilege of being there for the game I saw first-hand how confident ttun players and their fans were prior to kickoff. Down by just 1 score, it affirmed Harbaugh's strategy of old school ball control power I football. They pretty much stick with their same game plan they've used all year because well Harbaugh is a genius. Unbeknownst to them OSU comes out of halftime with their hair on fire and quickly stretch the lead to 41-19 by the end of 3rd. So they waste a whole quarter without any offensive adjustments. Or what if McCall returns that kickoff to midfield we score a TD going up 28-13? I'm not saying ttun could have won but a couple TD's late in the 4th had they managed a score in the 3rd and forced a punt on a scoring drive, harbaugh's bullshit onside kick down 3 scores with just under 3 minutes to go may have actually made sense. That TD right before the half actually helped us win the war despite losing that particular battle so to speak.
Comment 12 Feb 2019
Brandon, I'm like you. I don't understand all the hype. Even 11w is compelled to hop on the McCall bandwagon even with Paris Campbell on the roster. I believe KJ Hill has play some H and we also have Jalen Gill and CJ Saunders @ the H. McCall as we all know has ball control issues, thats why his role diminished as his freshman year wore on. Very important spring for McCall imo, if he doesn't improve his ball control issues he's going to fall ecen further behind. For most players, the 3rd year is pivotal for them if they haven't seen the field the first 2. Just wait, the transfer portal is going to blow up after all the teams conclude their spring practices this year.
Comment 12 Feb 2019
Kyle young is the glue guy fir this team. Reminds me of David Lighty's role his last season. He did all the little thing the team needed, the hustle plays. Andre needs to teach his lil brother how to dunk. Wesson had at least 3 opportunities down low but couldn't convert against the Hoosier bigs. Reminds me of Sullinger versus that Kansas team with their bigs, he got stuffed down low time after time. Go up for a dunk for christsaskes. We need him first to stay out of foul trouble but would like to see him get more aggressive and start slamming home those opportunities. Can you imagine the 1 on 1 battles Andre and Kaleb had before dinner everyday out back, lol?
Comment 11 Feb 2019

It may be on its last legs for some of us that were there in the beginning. But there seems to be some real buzz with the introduction of the whisperer's. They could be attracting a whole new fanbase.

Comment 11 Feb 2019

He was recruited as a safety out of HS, and then moved to the DL, not the other way around. Werner is listed @ 6 2 210#s, and runs a sub 4.6. Pretty good numbers for a strong safety or walk-out LB. He'll be much improved next year. Donnie Nickey wasn't great either his first year, but had a great senior year and that got him a couple contracts in the league. The 2nd contract is much harder to get, that's the money year for most.

Comment 11 Feb 2019

This may be my last season. After qutiing after season 3, I believe maybe 4, I had enough of the governor character. Then I come back for 6, then they start with Negan. The bs with Negan went way too long. So I stuck it out to watch Rick &Company win the war and then they keep Negan around instead of killing him in the war. Now I know they had to keep Negan because of the comic book. Season 10 has been picked up so we are in for at least this season and next to be all about Negan & the whisperers'. Great. 

Comment 11 Feb 2019

I believe Bama was on probation & sanctions late 90's. Nothing big as I remember it. Auburn as well. So if Bama were to get busted for major sanctions, under the old rules, they could have been looking @ a possible death penalty like SMU. That was until the money exploded in college football. You won't be seeing any sanctions like SMU anymore. They still haven't recovered. 

Comment 11 Feb 2019

Yertle, bingo! And I've been through it all, Woody, Earle, Cooper,Tresses,Meyer now Coach Day. Woody blew 2 patty's,Earle 1,Cooper 3, Tresses 2, and arguably Meyer blew 2 himself. Typically good coaches win patty's within the first 3 years.I'm hoping Day does it his first year. College football is screaming for new blood in the championship game.