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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The Buckeye's winning the 2015 Sugar Bowl.

    TOSU's national championship 2002 against scUM south.
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Comment 15 hours ago
I'm over the battle for #1, did anyone really think the SEC team wouldn't get the top spot if it was advantageous? They gave up 38 to texas and Vanderbilt. Their defense looked much better against UGA, but their offense has been struggling this year and predictable. I hope our boys are ready, you don't want to fall behind clemson early. Pretty cool Fields&Young were named finalist. Any 2020 RB's re-evaluating their commitments lol?
Comment 09 Dec 2019
OSU won't miss the ncaa tournament under Holtman. Nor should they with their facilities and their no limit budgets. No excuse ever for OSU not to be in the top 5 in the Big 10. Wisconsin, under the insufferable Ryan,went dancing 14 years in a row and never finished worst than 4th in Big 10 . Holtman's a legit superstar @ a national brand like OSU. Already pulling top 50 prospects. The future is very bright @ OSU.
Comment 09 Dec 2019
That's just bs. OL trying to get in the DL's head. Romberg OC fot the hurricanes said the same thing prior to their program getting wrecked for the next 20 years in the 02 BCS championship. Its a unsportsmanlike penalty, like the 2 idiots taking the shoe off of JK. Costing their team 15 yards. If caught of course. FS's in HS, so I've been told, would knock wr's to the ground from behind when trailing the play from the weakside . Gotta get caught.
Comment 09 Dec 2019
Joshua, thanks for your time. Born and raised in the ohio valley. I really enjoy your columns, keep them coming and you are doing great. I would also add that we were missing Sean Wade, one of our best DB's. Justin Fields has been banged up and we just played 3 top 15 teams in consecutive weeks, all physical Big 10 teams. My question is why hasn't Brendon White been utilized while Browning was banged up. He's one of our better tacklers in space? Coach Day mentioned he missed the trip because of a personal issue? I hope everything is ok and he returns to the team. Go Bucks!
Comment 09 Dec 2019
RedQueen he takes way too many sacks for a mobile guy. He doesn't need happy feet in the pocket but he should be in a habit of moving forward in the pocket slightly, enough to give himself enough time to take off when those lumbering nose tackles close in. I love that he keeps looking downfield. Then just as I'm thinking that, I realize he's a true sophmore starting his 13th game, been on our campus 11 months and running a new offense. I get that warm&fuzzy feeling he should be even better next year. We lose a ton in defense but our offense shouldn't miss a beat. A d the receiving core will be adding even more 5* studs off setting the losses of KJ Hill,Victor and Mack. Friggin Mack hasn't made a ton of catches but probably leads the BIG 10 in drawing PI penalties.
Comment 09 Dec 2019
Air, not to mention they gave up 38 points to Texas and Vanderbilt. We give up 21 to a good Wisconsin team and the world is ending. They barely mention we shut them out in the 2nd half, they had around 80 yards total offense before that last drive as time was expiring. Ended up with 130ish I think. Really strange that Taylor was absent most of the 2nd half, he must a terrible blocker in the passing game. Could care less where we are ranked but alittle pissed that they just ignored the fact that LSU's defense was a sieve compared to OSU plus 2 FCS opponents and that they only play 8 conference games. Either all conferences play 9 or 8 or the BIG needs to quit being greedy and go back to 8 conference games. I know OSU wants an extra home game, Delaney can't retire quick enough. Bonus: I LOL'd when I saw that ttun drew Bama in the Citrus bowl. I just can't see them staying close against arguably the most talented roster assembled. The last 4 recruiting cycles, Bama signed 55 top 100 players in 4 years,OSU 39. Top 50 Bama 21 OSU 14. If ttun can't handle our roster @ home imagine what Bama will do to them. ttun fans better hope all Bama's first rounders sit out the bowl game. Joe Bauserman could probably manage the offense enough to get by ttun. I think @ home OSU could beat ttun with Chugz under center. Still mad he missed the wide open receiver for a TD the play before Fields came back vs ttun.
Comment 08 Dec 2019
Everyone is entitled to their opinions. None of our defenders have perfect this year. Werner is probably the most consistent LB next to Harrison on this team. Everyone wanted Browning, he's been burned as much or more than anyone. They were attacking Cameron Brown all day. All teams scheme the LB's, they have the most ground to cover horizontally, and have to read the run first. We do the same thing to opposing defenses. They all get burnt a couple times a game. If you don't see that Werners play has been a big part of our defenses strength then you haven't been paying attention.
Comment 08 Dec 2019
Teams tend to play better in the post season, and improve from september&october. LSU's defense looked much better yesterday.Their DB's most of all. So don't think LSU's defense is going to roll over for OSU. Maybe because each game is the only game left? Gotta be mentally easier than preparing for msu in september when you have the whole season left. We will get everybody's best game. The best 4 teams are left and all four are good. Having said that, I really believe OSU can beat anyone with a healthy fields. Unfortunately for him to heal, he may not be taking a lot of snaps till game week. Better for Chugs to get some reps.
Comment 08 Dec 2019
Not a good sign. Considering the small amount of playing time he got after a breakout year last year I'm guessing TP bound. Hate to see him go but I do understand the fact that he could be a starter elsewhere. Hoping he sticks around as Werner may have a decision to make before the draft. Werner is a 2nd year starter so he definitely has enough good tape for rounds 1-3. Sean Wade has a decision to make as well. I think anyone graded in rounds 1-3 should strongly considet entering the draft. Wade may be a late 1st rounder. Draft projections I've seen: Round #1: Young #2, Burrow #1 Okudah #5 Round #2 Wade #39 Dobbins #54 Arnette #57 Hamilton #60 Round #3 Harrison. #73 Round #5 Kj Hill #152 Redskins This was from CBS sports. I think a few more will get drafted than that. Didn't look @ rounds 6&7. I think few more get drafted, and think they could use another year. Mumford needs another year imo,he was a turnstile @ times versus the speedy edge rushers. Bowen-6-7 or UDFA Senior BVictor 3-5th round BBrowning-CBS 7th round #222 needs another year Werner-I think he could go rounds 1-5 if he declares BLanders-5-7 Alabi-UDFA Fuller-3-5 rounds, finishes strong in CFP Cornell-4-7 rounds finish strong Garrett-4-7 rounds, needs the combine Fuller-3-5 rounder with a strong CFP Am i missing anyone? Wade,Arnette and Dobbins could sneak into the 1st round as well as well as Hamilton & Harrison. Garrett &Antuan Jackson are both graduates so they could transfer for playing time. GO BUCKSq
Comment 07 Dec 2019
No secret why. It's all because of Holtman of course. This team is perfectly set up for the tournament. Great length on the perimeter, and good to great play in and around the basket. A good example of knocking it out the park with the hiring of Holtman. Hopefully the OSU admin will not hold out forever to make changes next time. OSU understandably, gave Matta several years to turn it around @ great peril to the future of the OSU basketball program but at the same time giving Matta the respect he had earned in turning around a program riddled by ncaa sanctioned penalties that occurred during the Jim O'Brien years. To his credit he was still able to win the Big10 in his first year. Which started a great 10 year run by Matta, including a championship loss to the defending champions of Florida winning their 2nd in a row that night against Matta's fabulous freshman class of 2006 i think. Heres hoping Holtman surpasses Matta's legacy and wins the dam thing.
Comment 07 Dec 2019
My heart says 49-7, my bead says OSU 38-24. The #1thing Coach Day put emphasis on improving was team discipline. Undisciplined = Penalties. 1 of 2 things that drove me nuts under Meyer. The other is never having punt returner that exemplifies a deep and talented roster. Under Day, the 2019 team has improved from #126 in the country in 2018 to #48 in 2019. Very impressive imo. I don't think penalties lossed any games for us other than the 2015 game vs msu. I believe our DL jumped offsides twice on their game winning drive for the FG that was good as time expired. Those 2 penalties were huuuuge @ the time. One big stat that sticks out imo. I'm sticking with 38-24 good guys.
Comment 06 Dec 2019
The humililating 31-0 loss to Clemson. That game was lost when he named JT the starting QB February of 2017.
Comment 06 Dec 2019
I think Herman had more of hand preparing Cardell. They cut his reads down to only half the field. Cardel was a much better runner than give it credit for. Bama for some reason quit running the ball. They were gashing us the first half. But by all means follow the gameplan not whats working.
Comment 04 Dec 2019
To me it was finally beating the best SEC team straight up, vs Bama in the semi final. Down 21-6 in the 2nd qtr, scoring twice before the half to cut it to 21-20. After that OSU controlled the LOS. That win got the 500# SEC monkey off our back. Pivotal program defining game. The fact that they didn't win again in 2015 is as criminal as the 2003 team without Claret, and 2011 without Pryor. Enjoy every minute of this season. We may be witnessing greatness with this team.
Comment 03 Dec 2019
That's their underlying problem, arrogance. Why would the Big 10 make changes just to appease one fan base? That never crossed their minds that they are just another team in a conference of other teams. Real simple solution, Recruit better players and develop them better. Obviously what they are doing isnt working. 2016-2019 recruiting classes: OSU 39 top 100 players signed, harbaugh-14! Let that roll over you and the fact that OSU signs more top 100 than the all of the Big 10 combined?
Comment 03 Dec 2019
Or quit being Buckeye's. We don't get that same luxury as ttun fans do and can leave buckeye nation. No we just don't give up. Just got back to Ft Lauderdale last night from Columbus, flew in Thursday morning. I was the highlight of the week for my family, I'm the youngest of 3 siblings. The "GAME" was @ the center of all of it. Unfortunately it was a road game otherwise we'd be there. And my son would have flown in for the GAME, this is our tradition. But it's all about our family being together, my birthday was thursday. It's just about family and OSU football. Being @ one of the biggest holidays is just a perfect coincidence, or is it?
Comment 02 Dec 2019
Neutral field, weather isn't a factor, bad for Wisconsin. It's not so much can they score against us is can they slow our offense down enough to win? We have improved as much as anybody has in the country as well. Pick your poison, you can't shutdown Dobbins, Fields, KJ Hill, BVictor, Chris Olave, Garret Wilson,....should I go on. Best bet from a defensive view, you shut down fields, that's where it starts imo. We'll probably see more deep routes in Indianapolis, Don't be shocked if a deep ball is targeting Jameson Williams. He's another big fast target like Wilson with mad ball skilz. Still giving up big plays over the middle and backside screens can be cleaned up. Again tackling, tackling, tackling, is what I'd be preaching from now till the CFP. One more game to take care of first.