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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The Buckeye's winning the 2015 Sugar Bowl.

    TOSU's national championship 2002 against scUM south.
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Comment 18 Jan 2020
No the Joe Bots say he just played against inferior talent in HS. I guess dominating all the 5*'s @ camps wasn't enough for the genius of Franklyn. ***BTW, even a national champ losing its all world QB shouldnt be rated in the top 5. Returning QB's usually get you rated high for the next year. With Fields returning that should make OSU the clear cut favorite for #1. Alabama is losing a ton of players as is Clemson.
Comment 17 Jan 2020
Meek,Thanks for the reply. I always thought that was awesome and the reason of I have never seen a mistake by band members. Not that I would know it. If you haven't made it to a skull session, trust me you will not be dissapointed. The enthusiasm of the kids in the band will give you goose bumps. I started a family tradition of all of us going to the home ttun game. This is my year, so that kind of takes the sting away for me this off season. Happy friday peeps.
Comment 16 Jan 2020
Back in my day the band members had to earn their spots every week during the season. Is that still true today? Burrow being 23 works in his favor imo. He's more mature than thr average 21 yo, i would think the nfl would love that. Plus he only played 2 seasons injury free. Plus no off field issues.
Comment 15 Jan 2020
Ok lol. Only watched the first half but Lawrence was throwing downfield off the back of his foot a lot. Even on his long downfield throws that were completions his mechanics looked horrible. We definitely should of been blitzing more and sitting on the medium and short routes.LSU really rattled him in the first half.
Comment 14 Jan 2020
I don't care what anyone says, real game time experience is irreplaceable. All I was asking for was take advantage of having a 5th year senior QB in order to get one of the big arms on the bench ready for 2018. JT wasn't going to improve with game reps in 2017. Worked great with Hoying and Powers. And I was right. The 100 dvs in hindsight was worth it to be right.
Comment 11 Jan 2020
ExtrazM, im sure he talking about once they hit the hole, teague doesn't look like he accelerates quick enough. He's a downhill power back.steel & chambers can turn it on quicker but are not as good in pass protection yet like Teague. I just hope we don't get a RB by committee approach like we did with appeasing webber last year. Was never a fan of webber after his bad behavior @ msu.
Comment 11 Jan 2020
Pretttricky, if so you must have some cool stories.partying back in my day on campus i ran into many players.most i met once you get past their celebrity status are just like every one else.what surprised me the most was how many were absolutely terrified of striking up conversations with females they liked.
Comment 11 Jan 2020
Urban Achiever, great story, glad it worked out.In 97 my father was in colorado springs for his yearly elk hunt. That's where pikes peak is. My father and my uncle were fishing somewhere on pikes peak, maybe the summit when my father started having chest pains. My uncle immediately got him to the nearest medical facility which was @ the air force academy hospital. My uncle was a retired general from the air force.he got his 2nd star just as he was retiring.thats a whole nother story, he actually started his career as an enlisted man. Coincidence #1, because of him the doctors gave him a very expensive blood thinner normally only used for higher ups and dignitaries. Even retired generals have still have a little pull. The medicine helped stabilize him enough to get to a big hospital in colorado springs. His room had a clear view of pikes peak.Initially the plan was to get him back to his doctors in florida which of course would mean he'd have to on a airplane for 6 hours. Coincidence #2, one of the best heart surgeons (and most expensive) in Colorado just happened to be in town and agreed to do my fathers bypass. Everything went well but the surgeon said he had no idea how my father hadn't had a massive heart attack all his arteries were basically clogged. The surgeon said it was a miracle he survived and he said without the medicine he probably wouldn't have. Months later my father felt like a new man. Glad your father is doing well.
Comment 11 Jan 2020
I have no idea why olave broke off his route at the break? His back was to Fields,how would he see if fields was scrambling? After he made his cut I could see that happening but not right at the break.ill have to watch again, still deflated.
Comment 09 Jan 2020
Their 2018 class had Zero top 100 players. 2019-3. And 19 commits in 2019 had no other P5 offers. If partridge is their best he sucks also @ recruiting. To only sign 3 top 100 players in 2 years @ a national brand is criminal. We can pretty much guarantee wins the next 2 years looking @ those numbers. Harbaugh is a fraud. Hope they keep him forever.
Comment 08 Jan 2020
A Dog's Way Home by W Bruce Cameron. Its 2nd of his series about dogs. The first is A Dog's Purpose, which was a disney movie. It was out so I started with the 2nd book, requested it @ my local library. Just finished Prince and The Pauper-Twain and Edgar Allen Poes book of short stories. Highly recommend if you haven't read any Poe. We had to read The Red Mask in HS. I've got holds on A Dog's Purpose and A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms, part 2 of the history of Westeros. Book 6 of GOT's is supposed to be out this year. There was a lot of differences in the HBO series from the 5 books imo. God I love the library, you can request books from other branches and they bring them to your branch.Im like a kid in a candy store there.especially since they now have computers for all transactions, returns, searches and putting holds on books.
Comment 08 Jan 2020
Okie, i say that because of Bama's recruiting. They have signed more 5 stars than we have signed top 50 players 2016-2019. They signed 55 top 100 to our 34. Off the top my head so those may not be exact. We have the same recruiting advantage over the entire Big 10. During the same time period OSU signed more top 100 players than the entire conference has signed. Its all about the jimmy&joes imo. Don't misunderstand, player rankings mean nothing if players are not developed. Most have got by with their athleticism in hs without great fundamentals. Rashan Gary is a perfect example of a #1 player at his position coming out of HS that had a very underwhelming college career. CYoung had more sacks this year than Gary had his entire SCum career. From the outside he looked to be lazy and entitled. ttun fans say it was Dbrowns scheme. But if so why would you use your best DE as a space eater to free up winobitch and not gary? Makes zero sense to me. Have a great day Okie.
Comment 08 Jan 2020
Stpebuck,if you are talking about the last interception, olave was running a post route, that has to be thrown before the break, as soon as you break you should tracking the ball. Its actually the most unique route imo because it has to be thrown to the inside and downfield from the break with a little air under it so the receiver to run under it. Kind hard to explain to anyone that didn't run that route. If you ran that route in HS you know what i mean about the uniqueness of the throw. Fields is going yo be very speciall next year imo. He has nice touch on his short throws and throws even better deep. He should be the burrow of 2020. Olave stopped @ the break thinking Fields was scrambling.