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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The Buckeye's winning the 2015 Sugar Bowl.

    TOSU's national championship 2002 against scUM south.
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Comment 15 hours ago

Love the psu and ttun fans convincing themselves that Day is going to fail. Because he has no experience as a HC. If you took some of the comments from those that knew Day in any of his coaching stops and you would think they were talking about Bill Belichek. Prodigy is used a lot. 

Everyone that has met or worked with Day all come away impressed with his attention to detail. Which is a must as a coordinator or HC. The only thing I can see Day is lacking is experience. Every one one of his coaching stops have been progressive from his previous position.  I think we all are going to be impressed with Coach Day’s results. He seems driven and has his family set up for a long and very  successful  run as TOSU’s HC. I have seen the path laid out by the lord of light!

Comment 22 Jun 2019

As long as Espin is hyping the SEC they will always get preference over a equally talented team from another conference. They got away with it last year but I don’t think they will this year. sec teams may  see some backlash because of their poor OOC slate. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking.  I have a sneaky feeling everything falls into place like 2002 and Coach Day will knock Saban and Daboooe off their thrones. Might not always be pretty but if they can get to November unscathed, giving some young guys time to slow the game down. OL and DL could be really special by November. Zach Harrison could be ready to take over games with his physicality like Nick Bosa was doing before his injury. Wreaking havoc in the backfield. Just a couple months away. Started making plans for homecoming today, as it turns out my son will not deploy again till December. Trying to get the whole famn  damily together again like we did for thee Game.

Comment 21 Jun 2019

The media continues to lose credibility. All day I hear on the radio about a attack squirrel,lol. What morons, I mean it is Alabama. Lived In Pensacola for awhile, Bama was certainly a little backwards but couldn’t touch Mississippi with a 10’ pole. I use to call on a customer in Hattiesburg. Compared to the rest of the south, the wages in Mississippi were from the Stone Age. At least in my industry. That squirrel looked normal to me. 

Burrow was my pick to start over Haskins. Burrow may not have put up numbers like Haskins but osu’s offense would have been fine. Always reminded me of a more athletic Craig Krenzel. Hopefully he has a nice senior season and we’ll be claiming QBU after he and fields are 1st rounders in consecutive drafts. 

Have a great weekend w’s!

Comment 14 Jun 2019

Their win vs TOSU in 2016 buys him at least 3 years. No where to hide in Crappy Valley. 

Comment 14 Jun 2019

I mistakenly looked for the skully @ 4:57, my initial thought was “dam late again” . Congratulations to the Raptors. Was it the coaching change, adding Leonard & Gasol or just the lack of Lebron in the East?

”We  getting “Mollified” before we go to the club tonight” said by random dudes........................... Too early? I’ll just let myself out. 

Have great Friday and a wonderful weekend W’s 

Comment 13 Jun 2019

Your trolling article more than made up for your late Skully yesterday. Well done. Having endured the Cooper years, to go 15-1 has been great. But there is more work to be done. Each year I say the same thing, “not this year”. This year would be extra special to win because I don’t think either team has won 8 in a row. BTW, what’s the back story with Arby’s?

Comment 13 Jun 2019

So glorious live, celebrating in our section was awesome. Had to explain who Olave was to some. Bribed my youngest son with tickets to come east, he’s stationed in Washington, hadn’t been back east since leaving for boot camp and was deploying in December again. He’s back home safe. Wanted to make it a yearly thing but he’s deploying again to Greece for a year. My favorite buckeye game all time, splurged on great seats for him, 18B. Where the Harbaugh sucks chant started btw, right after overrated that you could clearly hear over the broadcast. They were all smiles pre-game. Lol what a day, started @ the varsity club @ 8 for the first father/son beer. Then my first skull session ever. Sorry I never went to them before, the band was great. Love those kids. No lines @ St John because of the rain. We hung out on campus on Friday, you could feel the confidence building. Campus was . I had been nervous for weeks, even thought about selling my tickets and watching from home. Didn’t know it at the time that it would be Meyer’s last game in the shoe. Long day, I was physically and mentally exhausted. Haven’t been to many games that I thought we had no chance. Went out of my way to welcome all ttun fans. Actually befriended 2 @ the Varsity Club that morning.  

Comment 12 Jun 2019

Finally finished. Still on the fence about Snow murdering the dragon queen. Snow should have got death. How many oaths did he break? He should be dubbed the “Oath Breaker”. He was just as treacherous as Lord Varis imo. It all depends if you believe the end justifies the means I guess. Wasn’t the plan always to set all slaves free? Plus I doubt any other houses would have fought her after she took kings landing. What happened to Rheagar? Though he survived the long night? The green one was killed @ kings landing correct?

Will be posting more. Was glad to see someone finally bedded  Lady Brienne. Should have been a threesome before the long night,lol.

Comment 12 Jun 2019

Cal poppy, I’ll say this, it definitely had a affect on the Zach Smith fiasco. Without the Strauss investigation still unfolding do you think Drake would be pushing to fire Meyer? Would Snead get expelled for a “he said,she said” case. Hits a little close to home as I was falsely accused while serving in the military. Crimes committed on military bases are subject to the UCMJ. Totally different ball game than the private sector, you are staring @ life @ Leavenworth if convicted. I was exonerated after she confessed during the phsyc evaluation, part of the investigative process.  I doubt OSU would have went to the extent they did over semantics @ a press conference. Yes, we gained a very good WR coach but lost a hall of fame head coach in the process. Without that mess Meyer probably finishes his contract as they had previously discussed. Making universities the investigators in sexual assault cases isn’t the route I would go. Most just don’t have the resources like a TOSU does, even they are falling short. 

Comment 11 Jun 2019

Briann and Jaime have become my favs, was kind of hoping Jaime would hit it before the long night began. I almost cried when Jaime knighted Brianne. I mean even Arya got laid before the possibility of the end. Melisandre even makes a slight comeback.

Would have liked to have seen more of a battle before the night king dies with Arya, seemed too easy. 

Only a handful episodes left, slowed down a little, the last time I binge watched I was depressed,lol.

Comment 10 Jun 2019

Finished season 8 ep 1, last night. Some of my observations:

season 6 was a snoozer imo. 

Season 7 made up for it.

The Battle of Bastards is my new fav episode.

Jon Snow continues to put himself in bad situations and always gets bailed out?

Do not understand what was gained by burning alive a little girl?

I have a new respect for Sansi, after she let loose the hounds of death.

The King Slayer and Briane would make fabulous babies.

After watching all the events and how they unfolded explains (saw the last 2 episodes of season 8) a lot of the decisions made and why. Like why Grey Worm wanted kill everyone and everything @ Kings Landing. Including Ciersi’s brutality. 

Locking the 2 traitors in the vault alive was very fitting.

Fast forwarded through a lot of the Bran bs, along with the love scenes, except Snow & Dany.

They had a way of ending episodes so that you have to see what’s next, which caused me to lose my precious sleep this past week bingeing 6 seasons. Just one more, one more.

Comment 07 Jun 2019

Farewell To The Kings was their best album, a group of us from HS made the journey to the Stanley theatre in Pittsburgh from the the Valley. Was one of the best concerts ever for me. Compared to the Ozzy and Sabbath, Ted Nugent opened 1976 Pittsburgh, my first rock concert. the black&blue tour Sabbath with Dio and Blue Oyster Cult who had 3 guitarists and 2 drummers. The scorpions & ACDC. One of the best performances I saw was Brownsville Station they opened for Triumph 79 in a small theatre in Wheeling, the original “Smoking In The Boys Room &  Martian cigarettes, they did a solo with a double necked guitar, with 2 guys playing giving the illusion the guitarist had 4 arms lol, or was it the red dragon blotter? Their performance totally caught me off guard just like nugent did in 76 opening for Ozzie and sabbath. Another good one the Black Crowe’s opened for the grateful dead in Tampa 1992, the last tour prior to Jerry Garcias’s untimely death the following August that same year. Heard the news just as we were mailing off for our tickets for the Dead. Like Phish, the dead had a section for people who wanted to record their shows near the sound board. A select few were allowed to plug in directly to the sound board. I probably had near 300 “A” board quality taped shows when Garcia died, it was a social thing among deadheads trading tapes. We even had a show dictionary of all their shows listed from day one as a guide. Yes, I was “on the bus” a term deadheads used to describe following the Dead show to show.The hippies were cool, the parking lot was full of vendors selling hair beads,nitrous/locker room grilled cheese sandwiches, veggie burritos. There were always a few guys walking around selling acid, they would quietly whisper “Dose”. It was quite the scene. I had met and fell in love with a young deadhead chic is how I got into the dead. 1992, saw the eagles in the old orange bowl for the “Hell Freezes Over” tour, they opened with “Hotel California”. That same year saw Pink Floyd @ Joe Robbie stadium.Knarsci, We need a “Best concerts you’ve seen” thread. I gotta admit Jay Z & Kanye’s “N@$#a’s In Paris” tour @ the fairgrounds in Palm Beach rocked as well. Where I met my last ex-Mrs Awlin @, worst mistake of my life, the Mrs I mean lol. Kanye wore a kilt

Comment 06 Jun 2019

Rankings mean squat during the season, look where they ended up @ the end of the regular season.

Nebraska would have took them to the woodshed!

Comment 06 Jun 2019

Any chance we can start a 2nd GOT thread?

Up to season 4 ep 7. 

Loved how Dany paid for the 8k unsullied. I knew something was up when she acted like she didn’t understand the language. I was pretty certain she did, and the fact she would give up the biggest of her dragons for only 8k warriors. 

Who is this nut job chasing maidens with Rottweilers?

Wow loved the turn around of the king slayer in his fondness of the big gal.

Don’ understand Jon Snow.

Would have preferred Joffrey’s  fate to have been at the hands of a rebellious mob using a wooden object.

this is killing my sleep time on school nights to say the least.