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    TOSU's national championship 2002 against scUM south.
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Comment 4 hours ago
If the minimum score is 10, how in the world did he score a 9? Especially after 3 years @ harvard. I bet even Chase Winiebich has a longer career.
Comment 24 Apr 2019
Unless he has more than a year of eligibility Hoak coming here makes 0 sense. Why would he leave an already warmed up for a cold seat on someone else's bench? Obviously 11w is scrambling for content. Offseason sucks aye Kevin? I would like to see a series on how the campus has evolved over the years, rather than a player that is irrelevant OSU's roster. Just a thought. Just not enough time when I'm in town to take in everything.
Comment 23 Apr 2019

Ok, so how good do you think Tom Brady looks on the 2016 Browns? Or would JT have the same record breaking career numbers had he been @ Minnesota 8 years? my fellow osu homers used the "all time OSU career td&passing yards"record  as their defense for JT. 

FYI TOSU has never been QB U. I don't think an OSU QB actually threw a pass till 1978<sarcasm 

Comment 22 Apr 2019
StuckUpNorth, you are wasting your time. Since 2015-16 there has been 2 people @11w blindly defended imo and any criticism was dv'd into oblivion. Thad Matta and JT Barrett, if you did you were automatically branded a matta or JT hater. Previous to the 31-0 debacle in the CFP's, many here were so offended by the comment of a clemson player prior to the game saying that it was very easy to gameplan for JT Barrett. How dare he? Painfully so he was right. Losses do not ruin me. The reasons we lose sometimes do. All of Urban's losses @ OSU were because DC's didn't care if Braxton or JT beat them throwing vertically downfield, their percentages were in their favor. I rewatched the Clemson game, and it was so obvious what the base problem was. Our QB play. Clemson was able to bring max pressure because they were stacking the box and sitting on the short routes. VaTech 2014 was the first example of coaches going all-in with that strategy. They'd rather live with losing to JT throwing than OSU racking up 300 yards rushing and losing. I was DV'd into oblivion stating we would never win it all with JT after Meyer announced JT was the starter for 2017 and there would be no competition prior to spring practice. In his 5th year he still couldn't hit a RB in stride in the flats consistently. Easiest throw in football. And still at times not stepping up in the pocket. I love JT been a great buckeye other than the OVI he had. But he just couldn't make up his mind quick enough or not stepping up in the pocket consistently helping the OL. I had no idea crossing routes were even in our playbook. Haskin's hit 3or4 off the bench cold. With JT, they looked like stop or curl routes because he wasn't accurate or confident enough to throw crossing routes, which can be very susceptible to interceptions if not thrown correctly. Not saying it was 100% JT, but he certainly limited our passing game? Some may ask, "How do you explain the epic 4th qtr comeback versus PSU"? 2) zero pass rush by OSU 3)a timely punt block near midfield after a JT fumble that could have been disastrous 4)James Franklin 5)Down 3 scores JT had zero pressure and instead of over thinking every throw he was just letting it rip. For some reason he just couldn't do it consistently. No way warinner & beck screwed him up in just 1 year, 2015. Didn't hurt Haskin's throwing ability, as he was taught 1 year under Beck because he had the arm needed by QB. Our offensive flow was night and day better when Haskin's came off the bench cold. And starting JT against Wisconsin in the BCG? WTF was that? With Haskin's we drop 50 on Wisconsin and USC. Would Saban have started JT 6 days after surgery? after Haskin's performance against tsun on the road? That would be a big "NO" imo. After his surgery something changed with Urban.
Comment 22 Apr 2019
I guess the Georgia "Peach" reference went right over your head. There are 5-10 very good youbg coaches just like Smart. Riley, Brohm the guy from Iowa State, Scott Frost etc. My point was not much separates these young dynamic coaches in talent. @ UGA the tipping factor could be those delicious "Georgia Peaches". Ask yourself this, what is the most common weakness of most men, even the most powerful & intelligent men?
Comment 22 Apr 2019
MaineS, gotta say I agree partially, after the MSU 2015 loss, DC's had seen all they needed to see of JT's limitations in the passing game. With JT as QB in 2016-17, the teams with equal talent and coaching put 9&10 in the box. To make matters worse in 2016, warinner&beck couldnt get the plays called in a timely manner for JT & Billy Price to make their protection calls before the play clock expired. JT usually got the snap off with seconds on the play clock or right @ 0. Defenses keyed on that obviously. @ Wisconsin that year, our snap count was so obvious Wisconsin's deep safety jumped the snap several times on run plays for losses. When a safety playing 10 yards back jumps a snap count that deep he's pretty close to full speed as he enters the backfield. The real travesty is it was never fully corrected till the bowl game. Urban really had his head in the clouds during his book tour. Surely coaching staffs coordinators t watch film to pick up trends and tells for each other. 2018, Haskin's was leaning forward on every running play pre-snap. It peaked @ MSU. I believe the announcers mentioned it during the broadcast. I dm'd Hartline about it. I have no delusions that I was the only one responsible for the staff getting it corrected because it was just so blatantly obvious @ msu. never saw him do it on after the msu game.
Comment 22 Apr 2019
To acquire that much overall knowledge he must be able to look at pages without reading every word and retain them. I can do that but not on a scale @ his level. I guess he really has a photographic memory, but to be able to access the answer and answer it in a couple seconds is a whole nother thing imo. Like learning another language for me, speaking is one thing but understanding it quick enough is another thing. I feel bad for the poor schlubs that wait months to get on the show only to see they are going against the Albert Einstein. My aunt made it on the show in the 80's and it took a lot of effort to get on.
Comment 22 Apr 2019
Maybe Cardale's struggles were because Warinner #1 was over his head as an OC @ OSU, not in kansas anymore. All warinner had to do was follow Herman's 3 game plan for Cardale. Sabans biggest surprise from Cardale was his running.He wasn't the best runner but he ran good enough for the zone read to be effective. The onus of blame still sits with the head coach. Not to mention the staff forcing Braxton's wildcat drive killing touches. Worked great vs VaTech till every one figured out Braxton was getting the ball with zero chance of throwing. Then we have warinner's never seen before speed option, totally revolutionizing college football offenses coast to coast.I think Georgia Tech based their triple option on Warinner's offense, he's up there with norm chow, Air Coryell and Lame Kittin.
Comment 22 Apr 2019
I've never been an every episode fan like my mother but if i land on it while surfing I'll watch but i dont plan my evening to make sure I'm tuning in @ 7:30. Last week I ended up seeing this latest Jeopardy genius. I couldn't believe what i was seeing. He had 30k before they started double jeopardy.To top it off he starts @ $2k and then jumps all over the board. Didn't understand why he was playing that way until I read the link. He's looking for the daily doubles. Then he usually shoves all in for the DD's. The guy is just amazing to have that much knowledge at his age is phenomenal. Graduated from Illinois-Urbana and is a professional gambler. I'm sure he's barred from most major casinos, as you'd think he would be a pretty good black jack player. And to an extent roulette(best odds vs the house) and craps which isn't against the house. Casino's don't want people winning vs the house. They can bar you by saying "we've determined he "may be" cheating. It's their casino they have the right as a private business to refuse service, just like restaurants. Pretty amazing young man.
Comment 21 Apr 2019
SoldierDad, I agree but it starts with Cardale coming back for 2015. Loved Cardales magical 3 game run. He's such a likeable kid, fun to be around. I wanted him to declare, he probably ends up getting no worse than his underwhelming last year got him in the end any way. JT starts 2015 with Burrow,Collier,Gibson behind. JT starts 2016 with Burrow,Collier behind, JT graduate transfers to Georgia Tech to run their triple option for it's last year.2017 Burrow starts with Haskin's, Martel behind,he enters NFL draft. 2018 Haskin's starts with Martel,Chugonov,Baldwin behind. So 2019 would be set with Martel,Chugonov and Dwayne Mathis who probably makes it a hard decision who starts, we start the year platooning Martel/Mathis through TCU where Mathis separates himself after Martel's disastrous first half with 2 picks,15 yard personal foul for taunting TCU's bench and a fumble.Mathis takes every 2nd half snap leading a come from behind blow out in the 4th qtr with a rushing TD & 3 TD passes. The following monday, Tathan enters the NCAAtransfer portal @8:01 central time and withdraws from classes @ OSU. That leaves Mathis and Chugonov, Miller for 2020. Some views may be tongue in cheek. ***Hope everyone has a fantastic day
Comment 21 Apr 2019
StuckUp, you are brave man publicly stating an opinion that as ignorant as it is to brand you as just another JT hater. Which is unfair. I'll be forever grateful for Urban Meyer laying the groundwork @ OSU for it's sustainable success. Having said that, Coach Meyer's 7 years @ OSU wasn't without questionable decisions.
Comment 21 Apr 2019
See the UGA spring weekend was a perfect opportunity to slip in a OSU silent commit for a visit that same weekend to run interference. Hypothetically its Lejon Cavaso, he sets his announcement the week after his UGA visit. Believe me I would even have the mole create some kind of negative harmless drama somehow hehe.My strategy includes a tour down fraternity row @UGA and most southern schools, done. I only think the effort is justified when multiple targets at the top of your list are on the same campuses. Athens is a great college town. I'm more worried about the pull of the Gawga peaches than I am of the recent success of UGA and the latest overhyped rock star "current hot young star" college HC in Kirby Smart. Surprisingly enough, Harbaugh still gets more press than his success deserves.2015 it was Dabo/Herman,2016 Harbaugh,2017 Kirby Smart and 2018 Jeff Brohm. My list reflects my opinion of the sequence of popularity which may not be totally accurate but you get my point.
Comment 18 Apr 2019
Actually with this staff and roster Chugonov could lead this roster to 9-10 wins. Not so much worried about this year but the next few years. The problem for these kids they are only seeing the positive results of the transfer portal. I'm sure it doesnt work out great for everyone.
Comment 18 Apr 2019
When Clemson's training staff is unknowingly juicing players, Would recruiting rankings really matter? Don't get me wrong, I'm sure players all over the country are taking supplements. But when you have a coaching staff that's obviously sympathetic, allowing players to supplement and maybe recommending it.Either Dabo is the greatest @ identifying hiddem gems or they are "juicing up" average players. Probably a little of both.
Comment 18 Apr 2019
Why pay a veteran backup when you can probably get a rookie or UDFA to fill that role? Nothing is preventing Dallas from signing him. Depending on his offers, Dallas may resign him in the end. I'm sure they are waiting to see if he gets any offers out of their budget.