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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The Buckeye's winning the 2015 Sugar Bowl.

    TOSU's national championship 2002 against scUM south.
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Comment 28 Nov 2020

BK, hypothetically even if OSU isn’t eligible for the BTCG they still play that same weekend as do all teams in the BIG. I’d really be surprised if the committee didn’t include a 5-0 OSU team loaded with talent. Big 12’s best team has 2 losses.PAC 12 is a mess. The ACC and SEC is the only other conferences we need to worry about. If Clemson wins the ACC CG that could pose a problem and a BAMA upset in the SEC title game could be problematic as well. 
         If we do get left out of the playoffs I would be 100% in favor of sitting out any bowl as a protest to the horrible leadership from Big 10 officials. Once they flipped their decision the season should have started immediately. Any teams that had games postponed by opponents because of covid should have been allowed to play someone else imo. Which would have required teams to cancel earlier in the week or instead of canceling why not just quarantine the players with positive results and others testing positive the morning of the game?

For what it’s worth I don’t downplay the severity of covid just some of the reactions to it. Recently lost a 82 yo uncle in a Ohio nursing home this past Monday to covid and have a 90 yo Aunt in another nursing home just tested positive 7 days ago. So far she doesn’t have any severe symptoms other than diarrhea. More importantly than wearing masks is social distancing, concerted efforts not touching your face and of course washing your hands. 

Comment 28 Nov 2020

Running the score up? Who knows how many starters will be out? At this point I’m just hoping we have enough players to field a team. Though I think our 2nd team would win most home big ten games I’m not as confident they would prevail on the road. OSU probably has more top 50 players on their roster than any single opponent has top 100 or even top 250. The latter I’m not at all confident of. OSU has double the Top 100 players of all the big ten combined, that I’m sure of.

Comment 26 Nov 2020

How about we grade the coaches? What angers me is every time we have to replace a position coach that comes in and remarkably improves a group the new guy changes the strategy that worked the previous season. That right there puts the younger players further behind. Chris Ash comes in and improves tackling using a rugby style tackling drill and emphasizes turning and playing the ball. Schiano takes over and goes back to watching the receivers eyes and playing through the ball. Hafley comes in and again improves DB play by turning and playing the ball. Now Coombs comes and we look like we are not turning our heads again? Wtf? Probably why I’m not a millionaire HC but I would at least in a year with inexperienced DBs demand the same fundamentals. This is how we do it here @ OSU would love to have you onboard as long as you adhere to our long time fundamentals already proven on the field. Or does that just not make sense? I actually think the grade on DBs is a little harsh without asking why were receivers left uncovered 3 times vs IU? That’s coaching imo. Because that’s preparation imo. 

BTW happy thanksgiving everyone!

Comment 25 Nov 2020

Bucks party, agreed on a full 60 minutes of focused football. All the teams are having problems defensively imo. I don’t see any team that is head&shoulders than anyone else. Florida is one of the better looking teams, along with ND, Bama of course and OSU. Clemson would be my #5 Indiana 6,with the fighting Fickles of Cincinnati @ 7, BYU 8. The Big12/PAC teams all look like ass. 

    In the age of spread offenses and no huddle, it’s not easy defending the whole field. Three of Indiana’s TD were aided by our safety’s leaving leaving receivers uncovered or leaving Browning on a slot receiver giving up big plays. Plus our offense should have scored another 17 points in the 2nd half from what I saw. Fields was looking deep on nearly every pass play and still is holding on to the ball too long imo. He missed a wide open Garret on one of his sacks. Was surprised not to see more screen plays and shorter routes. Short crossing routes and slants should of been open when they were rushing 7. I think by the playoffs we’ll them much improved on defense. Remember this year is a free year of eligibility for everyone so we could see a couple true freshman contribute in the post season.

Comment 22 Nov 2020

Pass protection had a bigger role the final score than our DB’s did imo. Way too many sacks yesterday and didn’t seem to be any adjustments in scheme or play calling. On the 4-1 should have been Master Teague imo. Hoosiers really had no answer for the running game. Having said all that, IU is a pretty good team, may even be playoff worthy.

Comment 20 Nov 2020

Been in Texas going on 4 weeks. Must be something really off under Herman there because in just my short time here I get a real feeling of state pride here. Really surprised how well OSU has done in Texas especially since Herman left. I guess the naysayers have all been wrong around the BIG about Ryan Day being able to keep OSU elite. Or was it just wishful thinking? The talent gap continues to widen for OSU vs the BIG. Thankfully Meyer got this one right. Meyer was up and down with his coaching hires. Love to see more hires like Hartline instead of settling for average experienced coaches. Just need a young DL coach and CB. 

Comment 18 Nov 2020

One important thing for our Dline is they need to stay in their lanes when pressuring Penix or else he’ll make them pay for it with big chunks of yards with his legs. Makes sense that Borland is playing faster 2 years removed from his injury. Takes awhile mentally to have confidence in running. Our DB’s will be fine imo. Sevyn Banks is a playmaker. Rutgers is much better this year than years past. Schiano did a great job closing out their recruiting and picked up multiple guys from the transfer portal that were eligible immediately. His familiarity with Day was a big advantage this year but will steadily decrease in time. 

Comment 17 Nov 2020

Cooper wasn’t exactly killing it with QB recruiting. 2  busts from Cali. Bellisari and the team were steadily improving until his dui. Bellisari and Krenzel were probably his best QB’s after Germaine and Hoying. Krenzel had a better arm for the college game than he was given credit for. Remember “Holy Buckeye”?

Comment 17 Nov 2020

Did we really need Trey Sermon, with Teague 100% in October and Chambers ready with Xavier Johnson as the 3rd? He looks pretty average so far. I think we would of been fine without him. Not to mention it kept us @ 85. I’d have no problem with Johnson splitting reps with Chambers as Teague rehabbed. Or would that make Tony Alford look bad with a walk on out performing his recruited players? I guess it really puts in perspective the staff’s lack of faith in Demario McCall? 2021 can’t get here fast enough to see what a 5*RB looks like.Been a minute.