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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The Buckeye's winning the 2015 Sugar Bowl.

    TOSU's national championship 2002 against scUM south.
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Comment 2 hours ago

Why would you say that when the dearh rate continues to go down everyweek? If you dont believe me

Florida was opening in phases just as the protests started. That wasn't his fault. Most everyone I see is wearing masks in south florida but not during the protests. The biggest spike was among 18-34 yo's, get it,

Comment 19 hours ago
ttun's problem is lack of playmakers on both offense anf defense.other than 1 wr and 1 TE i don't see anyone else that would get any snaps @ OSU? Warinner is one the best OL coaches in the country,just gotta keep an eye on his recruiting.He falls in love with big tackle prospects that he thinks he can develop. Harbaugh needs to recruit better,your 2018&2020 classes had 0 top 100 players, yes ZERO.21 looks a little better but still isn't @ the level it should be, especially with his salary.not complaining at all,fine by me.
Comment 06 Jul 2020
You have a few.I live in pompano beach,northeast side of Fort Lauderdale. I've never stopped working throughout the pandemic and most people have abided by the mitigation suggestions that I can see. You gotta remember, we shut down with several goals. #1 flatten the curve, so we don't overwhelm the hospital systems #2 will also give us time to ramp up testing and treatments.That was 3 months ago, you cannot shut our economy down indefinitely.The disinformation and fear mongering needs to stop imo. Its been ridiculous.Deat rate continues downward. Stick to the facts not the media.
Comment 06 Jul 2020
That was actually my point.OSU's on field success is negated by OU's offense no matter how they finish as a team,unless that of course means a disastrous season like 3-9,5-7. Just my opinion, I think OU is one of the nation's premiere offenses.It will have more to do with our offense and wr rotation. I'm hoping Hartline's relationship building this past year along with or class recruiters keep him committed to OSU,solidifying the #1 recruiting ranking.
Comment 06 Jul 2020
Pizza Mambo, thats what you get for putting pineapple on pizza. So why would the story just focus on a iguana stored by itself in a separate freezer away from the food prep area? His biggest mistake was not renewing his licenses to operate. With approximately 700k ferrel cats in Palm Beach,broward and dade county, its amazing any rodents are alive. Michael Spath is one of the insiders that doesn't think there is talent gap at all between OSU & ttun. Still bewitched by the talented Jimmaay. Says 0-7 vs OSU would start a coaching search discussion, not a search,a discussion about a search. He cited tsun's draft duccess under Harbaugh when justifying talent levels?I'll have to take look @ their drafts.I mean how many day 1 picks could they have had to make ttun fans feel better about the talent on their roster vs OSU? A quick look @ the last 4 recruiting classes and it is much worsebthan I thought 2017,18,19,20: ttun-in these 4 classes they only signed 3 top 100 recruits,18/20 classes had 0 top 100,lol,that is horrible. Meanwhile OSU signed 35 top 100 players,including fields so we'll give jimmy one more for patterson. So its really 35-4. OSU has more top 10 nationally ranked players 5 than ttun has top 100. They had 0 top 100 in 2018&20 the fuck does he have job? And getting $10 million? Their 2018 class signed 22 players,19 had no other P5 offers besides ttun, they probably committed on the phone without any effort at all. Last 4 nfl drafts 1st&2nd rounds doesn't get any better for them OSU with 14 ttun 4. This confirms Michael Spath is a homer/stoner to think there isn't a talent gap. Their woes make me feel strong about another beat down come Nov-3rd. 63-27 and thats being very generous. Would putting up 70 on them this year awake a sleeping giant? Had Haskins played the whole game in 2017 i don't doubt at all ww woulda put up at least 40. Mobile pocket passers can run Urbs offense much better than the dual threat type of QB's. Fields is a perfect fit imo. Very athletic but likes to throw downfield, just has to step up in the pocket quicker to help the OL. Great to be a spoiled Buckeye. Thanks Coach Meyer for taking OSU to a level we haven't seen since Woody.
Comment 05 Jul 2020
I would normally say wait till the season starts and OSU would pull away but OU will score in bunches no matter if they are a real national contender or not.A down year would be 10-3 scoring 35+ a game. he'll be watching osu's wr rotation closely,especially how last years #1 wr gets snaps.Embrace the special teams and take care of business in the classroom of course. OSU has as good a staff as anyone as far as recruiting, losing him down the stretch would suck after leading for so long. He would just about seal the #1 class.
Comment 03 Jul 2020
Yes that all may be true. Ask anyone @ a hospital,ICU's are always 95% full? Why, follow the money. They are not telling you the whole story.hospitalizations are up yes, but half of the hospitalizations are elective surgery recoveries and other serious conditions. Not all from Covid. Testing is up,infections are up, covid deaths continue to trend downward. The biggest spike is 18-34 yo's. That's right the average age of But restsurants,churches,bars and beaches are being blamed. So millions protesting 10 hours in the same mask yelling and screaming on top of each other isn't mentioned by anyone just myself and Kyle Lamb lol. We need the healthy to become immune and a vaccine. Just vaccines without herd immunity doesn't work. Just my humble opinion.
Comment 01 Jul 2020
Whenever age&health come up discussing OSU I always reply to the 'Reaper' just one more OSU season,ok? Despite everything going on around the world OSU football is a stabilizing rock in my world.
Comment 30 Jun 2020
I was so upset when my sis called to inform me that Tressel had admitted he'd known about the emails all along. "Fire his ass" couldn't come out my mouth quick enough.After all the piling on during the Claret pay4play scandal that tatoogate literally took me over the edge. Herbstreit was insufferable with his piling on.He definitely burned a more bridges than he thought he would. OSU employee's can be a tight nit bunch for some. At the very least he was no longer getting the privileged inside access that notable OSU alums get around the program. He just can't help himself from expecting to be a VIP everywhere he goes.I have no clue if his moving to Nashville was about the do-called threats or just for less taxes? The one guy that started the clean up in Baltimore then went on to do other cities was in Cbus last week. Wonder how it went? Visited family for xmas&ny's and couldnt believe how clean Columbus was.Was embarrassed to be from south florida, pretty dirty compared to Cbus.I'll have to keep an out for updates. Cooler heads will prevail when it comes to opening schools this fall. Herd immunity is just as important as having a vaccine. That was one of my concerns with the US shutting down would slow down the needed herd immunity.which we are seeing with this new plethora of new cases. As long as hospitalizations and mortality rate continue to decrease we are right where we need to be 6 months from a vaccine. I still don't understand how it spread like wildfire all across the world with the ecception being China?Would love to hear the explanation?
Comment 29 Jun 2020
I believe Posy served a 10 game suspension? I had a differing opinion compared to most with some of the players that were allowed to return to the team. Real shame we never saw Oden dominate the NBA for 15 years like he would have had he been healthy. I mean to shoot 60% FT's with your left hand is just ridiridiculous considering even some NBA greats couldn't shoot 60% with 2 good hands. That always drove my father nuts when a NBA superstar couldn't make FT's to save their lives. How about some trivia, who's the best and worst FT shooter all time in the NBA, i would guess Bird or Reggie Miller as the best and Mutumbo as the worst? Couldn't be another horrible FT shooter like Mutumbo could there? Have a great day, I'll post the trivia answer after lunch O H......
Comment 26 Jun 2020
Their recruiting has been horrible under Harbaugh. Only signing 4 top 100 recruits in 2018,19,20 (1 transferred) is the why. 2018 had zero top 100 players lol. Plus 19/22 had no other P5 offers. Like they offered mac recruits over the phone and they of course jumped on the P5 offer. For $10mil a year he could at least try to recruit. Hey it took Osborne and Bowden forever to win a natty but they at least had great seasons but falling short. Stats do not tell the domination the last few years. The 2018 game I attended the 'GAME' in Cbus. Had to endure the hype leading up to the game. Hanging on campus the day before, I started to think that maybe we did have a chance. The stats don't tell the whole story of 2018. That so called #1 defense did not register a sack or even a QB hurry versus Haskin's that day. Once Warinner left;Studz(meyers #1 choice for OL 2011) has rebuilt the OL depth and raised the level of recruiting. The 2018 OL wasn't anything to write home about either. OSU has been able to get the players to exceed their limitations in the game. I actually think Day will take OSU to even more greatness over the next few years. This team definitely has the talent stockpiled to go on a Bama type run if Day can continue to land the recruits he wants. I think Day is a diamond in the rough like Saban BITD, Day seems to be a very astute playcaller and calls plays for specific reasons setting up plays to be successful later in games. I just laugh at the people that think talent isn't the problem. OSU has game changing talent SCum does not. Who's their game changers on the roster? Mccaffery lol? They have one, yes just one on the roster, OSU? Fields,Wilson,Wade,Olave,Banks,need I go further? OSU has more top 50 recruits than ttun has top 250, close though. Yes we have seen Iowa and purdont pulling upsets. Iowa, i really believe is a better program top to bottom than ttun. I think harbaugh loathes recruiting. He better get a staff that likes recruiting or he's not winning anything. Have a great day.Stick to the math buckeyes,
Comment 25 Jun 2020
As much as I'd like to see pur wr's get 1k,I'd rather they take what the defense is giving you. Fields probably hits 4k but it will be spread around like last year. Don't see a couple receivers getting 1k till After the BIG championship. Fields has to take those wide open 20-30 yard gains on scrambles when they present themselves. My brain says he'll be much improved in his 2nd year. And he comes back to defend our 2020 Natty.
Comment 23 Jun 2020

Coach Tressel always said a team can go from good to great with seniors having breakout seasons. Would be a big boost for a young defense if Williamson and Hilliard could finally put the injuries aside and contribute on the way to the playoffs. Jonathon Cooper is another senior that is poised for a big year as well. When these guys committed I thought we'd be lucky to get 3 years out of them. Especially Hilliard, he was a big play guy in high school. 

Comment 18 Jun 2020
I see the "the virus could" crowd still clinging to hope of a prolonged shut down. Could or maybe's just don't cut it for me. Of all these new cases how many are feeling symptoms? Still only telling us what "They" want us to hear.. But they never mention, I dont know, meaningless #'s like 81% of covid deaths in Minnesota were nursing home patients. Relevant? So who would you like to close out our class? Tunise, TGrimes, Egbuka, Tristan Leigh OT,Tiiomalau and Davis. I never ask for too much.