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1st Concert, Most Recent Concert, Favorite Concert

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January 15, 2018 at 11:50am

We need an an interesting music thread, so.....what is the 1st concert you ever attended, what is the most recent concert you attended, and what is the favorite/best concert you attended?

1st-Ice-T/Body Count-Bogart's in Cincinnati-91' or 92'-pretty awesome for a first concert, Ice-T did his rap stuff then the body Count set, at the height of the "Cop Killer" controversy.....

Most Recent-Gogol Bordello-also at Bogart's-this past October-whenever USC-Wazzu was on the tube late.....I also saw Jackyl and Roger Waters-Yum center-last year......

Favorite-Pink Floyd at the Horseshoe-94'

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