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Comment 7 hours ago

Good point/solution. I also think Day needs to incorporate a hot read/outlet receiver into his routes, instead of always relying on a WR downfield to break off their route and come back to the ball.

Comment 10 hours ago

Urban’s departure-and Washington’s hiring-made the difference w/ Harrison, not the ass kicking. Staff members almost always make a bigger difference w/ recruits than one specific game.

Comment 10 hours ago

I think Arnette is more of 2nd rounder-he’s now a helluva lot better than Kendall Sheffield. Okudah and Wade are both first rounders-a good team will snap up Wade at the back end of the first as a value pick.

Comment 10 hours ago

Shaun Wade was the best HS DB in the country, who RSed due to a hernia type injury. It was never about grinding to compete for him, it was simply about staying healthy. His situation and Whites are not comparable.

Comment 10 hours ago

Bullet, Star, Lancer, Rover, whatever. S/LB hybrids as a concept have been around for decades. Their ultimate efficacy has been a subject of debate for just as long. Generally it’s better to just find a Nickelback who can hit-hello Shaun Wade,etc.

Comment 10 hours ago

The point of we have too many whiny  analytical other fan base obsessed fanboys that are ostensibly tOSU fans is well made.

To make that point by saying “I’d rather be a Clemson fan” is literally insane.

Comment 15 hours ago

WTF? Fan base jealousy is ridiculous. You ride or die with the Buckeye b/c we are the best-let’s see where Clemson is in 20 years.....

Oklahoma isn’t a layup, but tOSU, Clemson, and LSU are ahead of everyone else-Oklahoma is the best of the rest.

Comment 07 Dec 2019

Good e-mail, good sportswriting. Things that are missing from Facebook and Instagram.

Comment 07 Dec 2019

He had the best skill player in the MAC at QB when he was at BG. That’s out talenting on that level-and par for the course in the MAC-the teams w/ a singular great player dominate in a given year.

Comment 07 Dec 2019

Belichick is unique amongst coaches for the simple fact that he is an excellent OC (by default at New England) and DC. He debuted his 2 TE scheme from a few years ago w/ Gronk and Hernandez back in the  late 70s when he was an assistant w/ the Lions-and had great success w/ it then.

Comment 07 Dec 2019

“Do you have the right to be concerned about RB recruiting”? Good lord, what an asinine and chickenshit statement by the author.

People have the unequivocal “right” to believe that 9/11 was an inside job, that Sandy Hook somehow didn’t happen, that the moon landing was fake, etc, etc. That “right” doesn’t mean that these beliefs aren’t absolutely false, idiotic, and worthy of contemptuous scorn.

As an employee of 11W the author owes it to their craft to A-understand the family dynamics and behind the scenes aspects of recruiting (which often can’t be  revealed out of privacy/classiness concerns), and B-put hateful, clueless posters on note that they don’t understand said dynamics. Don’t be a Twitter regurgitator, instead have a true clue about the real dynamics of the process-or admit you don’t know and advance your understanding.

End of rant. Consider it consumer feedback.

Comment 06 Dec 2019

This is true. Urban figured out how to out talent everybody for the past 15 years. Barry Switzer did the same thing at Oklahoma in the 70s/80s. Pete Carroll-who is an excellent defensive coach-did the same thing at USC-but was/is still an excellent NFL coach.