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Madonna releases "Like a Virgin" - TIMH

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February 9, 2017 at 6:28am

Let me tell you what "Like a Virgin" is about. It's about some cooze who's a regular hit machine. I mean all the time, morning, day, night, afternoon, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit.

Madonna had her first #1 album today in 1985 with "Like a Virgin". She had some earlier success, "True Blue", "Lucky Star", but this album solidified her as arguably the biggest female pop star of the 80s. Madonna refined the holy trinity of pop success - good music, good looks and risque behavior - while harnessing the power of MTV to produce a monster of an album.

"Like a Virgin" debuted at #70 on the album chart and one week later was in the top ten. It spawned five singles and in only three months sold over three million copies. This was just the beginning, however. By July of 1985 the album became the first album by a female musician to sell over 5 million copies in the U.S. Overall this record has sold over 20 million and stands as one of the most successful albums in history.


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