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Comment 05 Jul 2020

This is a thrashy song from a decidedly non-thrash band. King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard change their sound as often as you change your underwear. 

I want to be set on fire!

Comment 05 Jul 2020

Excellent review from a non-metal fan. It's thrash, of which Slayer was most certainly a part of. The kids have largely moved on from the thrash beat but I still dig it. 

Comment 05 Jul 2020

As much as you blow, I figure you for a jug player.

I've been itching to talk metal. It's not your thing but what do you say about this? This is from the 2000s but sounds like it's from the heydays in the 80s.

Comment 05 Jul 2020

Punk really isn't my bag but I cannot deny that it's often rock and roll in its purest form. Stripped of pretentiousness and hullabaloo, it's blue collar rock and roll. You don't need Steve Vai on guitar, Robert Plant on vocals, John Entwistle on bass, or Dave Lombardo on drums. Just some good old boys just trying to make some noise.

Comment 04 Jul 2020

Aye, you're an Eastsider then. Pity. 

If I have to cross the river I go to Corbo's, not Presti's. It's all great however. I'm just busting chops.

Comment 04 Jul 2020

Ha! I compliment the owners of the Chinese restaurant for their truth in advertising.

I have to travel 10 minutes to get a decent pierogi or something that reminds me of grandma's paprikash, but overall CLE kicks ass in the food department.

Where is this wasteland that you call home?