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Comment 10 Jan 2020
One day, if you need some perspective on things, try reading Peart's book "Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road".
Comment 25 Dec 2019
With good reason it seems. Actually, those weren't bad. Look how the crowd reacts to some shirtless 80s rock. Do they know something you don't?
Comment 24 Dec 2019
"That's strictly a judgment call, they sold a lot of records after Dave left the group." Anybody else notice how nobody covers Van Halen? Why is that do you suppose?
Comment 24 Dec 2019
Of course you got it. That was for the less seasoned TIMH members. I thought Iommi was the tough one because of the angle on his face. Not a bad Last Supper-esque portrait of metal.
Comment 24 Dec 2019

Two rock and roll bonus points to whoever can name everyone in that picture. The toughest one is the guy with the upturned face on the left, but I know the TIMH community has this dead to rights.

Comment 24 Dec 2019

When you need to get the in-laws out of the house but still want to maintain the Christmas spirit.

Comment 24 Dec 2019
Different strokes for different folks, Pastor. The Cult of Lemmy existed long before he died. I think what resonated with many was that Lemmy was genuine in what he did. An unapologetic lifer for rock and roll.