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Comment 25 Aug 2020

Metal Church was good during that era:

Flotsam and Jetsam were fun, but didn't debut until 86:

And I think Death debuted around then as well:

Comment 25 Aug 2020

Yahoo! New metal! I didn't know Widek. Very melodic with some tasty riffage. I bet Miami would dig that.

I don't know much new prog but here's what I've been on lately.



Faith No More (they are their own category):

Comment 22 Aug 2020

Spot on assessment. Mike Inez stepped in for Starr and the band didn't miss a beat.

I didn't dig on Nirvana for a long time, until I started viewing them as a punk band rather than the garbage grunge label.

Soundgarden was metal, PJ was rock, Nirvana was punk, and AIC was something else entirely. Lazy marketers slapped a label on them all and it stuck.

Comment 16 Aug 2020

Sorry about that. Today is Ernie Freeman's birthday, not Frankie's. Freeman played piano for Sinatra and many others. Here he is bring the funk to Simon and Garfunk.

Comment 09 Aug 2020

Ha! There's no reason to drag Stevie Nicks into this. Major told you he just ate breakfast, are you trying to make him vomit with the idea of me in skin tights? You're a terrible friend.