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September 4, 2015 at 10:26am

So, I've been tossing around the idea of a semi-regular Forum post for a while.  I've typically got a lot of things swirling around my head, and it would help me to get them out, even if no one else cares to read or comment on them.  This might be better suited to a blog post, but we all know what happens to them.  Or maybe nobody knows what happens to them.  Maybe that's the problem.  At any rate, here's what's been going on beneath my hat:

On The Fighting Harbaughs

I didn't watch the game in its entirety, but I saw enough to draw some early conclusions on the team up north.  1) Boy, do they need a quarterback.  Ruddock was awful.  He made some nice throws, but any FBS scholarship quarterback ought to be able to to that.  Some of his throws and decision-making were downright awful.  Those guys are going to lose a lot of games if he plays all year.  Could we see Sugar Shane soon?  2) Jabrill Peppers can play.  He might've been the best player on the field last night.  We make a lot of jokes about him being their savior, but Jabrill is the real deal.  3) Speaking of saviors, I was disappointed not to see more antics from The Great Khakis-Clad One.  I guess the season is still young.


Well, Goldie gave it the old college try, as they say, but they just couldn't hang with the Horned Frogs (top ten nickname, by the way).  I can't say I'm impressed with TCU, though.  The Gophers gave them a game for most of 3 quarters, and Minnesota, for all the respect I have for Jerry Kill, is not a great team.  Their offensive line in particular needs a lot of work.  Still, it was frustrating to watch them hang around, and not be able to make a play when it counted to make a game of it.  TCU looks like a 2-3 loss team to me, even playing in the Big XII.  That said, I'd love to see them in a CFP game against the Bucks, and let Urban and company shut the Big XII's pie hole.  It would be ugly.

On my Brownies

I forced myself to watch their final preseason game last night (with frequent check-ins on the other games above), mainly in the hopes of a Terrelle Prior appearance.  Woof, and I don't mean that in the barking Browns fan sort of way.  Now, I know that the last game of the preseason bears little resemblance to actual football, but OH MY EYES!!!   The highlight of the game for me was watching Terrelle blocking from the WR spot (yes, the game was so bad that the highlight was a converted quarterback blocking).   Then again, the highlight may have been TP trying to convince Lewis to block for him on a read option play.  The Browns had better pray that McCown is an iron man this season (it could happen, really it could), but if history is any indicator, we will see at least three QB's taking snaps in the new, bolder orange and brown this season.  From what I saw from Thad Lewis and the immortal Pat Devlin last night, we Browns fans are in for a treat.  I'm on record as saying that Terrelle will start a game at QB for the Browns this year.  He took some snaps last night, and didn't throw a pass that I saw, but I'm pretty sure he was the Browns leading rusher for the game.

On the Buckeyes

Boy, has this been a long off-season, and this week has lasted at least a month.  I'm hoping the weekend will go by more quickly, but Monday night cannot. get. here. soon. enough.  Urban's got revenge on his mind, and there's no way I see the Buckeyes losing this game.  Even with the suspensions, the hostile environment, first game jitters, QB uncertainty, and lack of depth/experience at WR, Ohio State has too much talent to get beat by an average-to-good Hokie team (again).  I'm sure Bud Foster will have some sort of devilry cooked up for the Buckeye offense, and a liberal dose of the bear, and the offense may take a while to hit its stride, but talent and Slobs will prevail, and Brewer can't have many more plays to extract from his posterior like he did in The Shoe last fall.

The Prediction

JT starts at QB (though my heart still says Braxton takes the first snap), and Ohio State exacts its revenge.  Final Score:  Buckeyes 31, Hokies 17.

Sorry, I have no beers to recommend.  But if I were to recommend a beer, it would be Not Your Father's Root Beer.  It tastes just like real root beer, but with alcohol.  It's a little sweet for me though.  I can only drink a couple.

TL;DR:  Michigan sucks, TCU sucks, Browns backup QB's suck, JT starts, Buckeyes Win, NYFRB.

Happy Buckeye Football Long Weekend, everyone.  Be safe and Go Bucks.

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