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The Big Nut

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May 20, 2015 at 5:37pm

I've noticed a good amount of vitriol regarding Jon Peters aka "The Big Nut" on 11W. Can anyone tell me why? From everything I've personally seen, heard and read of the guy he seems like a class act.

As we were heading into the Kent State game last year, I saw him getting swarmed by others who were requesting pictures and even autographs from the face-painted OSU fanatic. We had my father in law with us who wanted in on the action so we all crowded around and asked to get our mugs snapped. Peters acted like a pro, slapped an OSU beanie on my head then handed my wife an OSU doll to hold while he genuinely smiled from ear to ear as the flash went off. He didn't demand any money for the request, just seemed excited about a Saturday during college football season.

In 2011 Peters started a scholarship fund for high school students that hold honor roll grades and are attending OSU.

He's given away thousands of buckeye necklaces and bracelets over the years.

He may be a little extremely garish and always finds his way in front of the camera, but I think he brings positive energy and goodwill to our team.

What did I miss?


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