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Top ten favorite movies

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December 1, 2014 at 4:59pm

Rules, 1. ties are allowed ( I will use a lot of them )  2. It had to be in theaters I love syfy original movies as much as the next guy but don't put them on this list  3. They have to be current or past movies Star Wars 7 is not allowed on this list. 4 trilogies count as 1 movie . Here we go. 

1 the original Star Wars trilogy

2 the dark knight 

3 godfather 1&2 / inception 

4 ghostbusters / die hard 

5 toy story trilogy 

6 moneyball / Indiana jones 1&3

7 vertigo / back to the future 1&2

8 zero dark thirty 

9  goldfinger / jurassic park

10 sandlot / a muppets Christmas carol.

that's my top 10. what's yours ?

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