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Know this is off topic

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July 31, 2014 at 3:31pm

I know this is off topic but just wanted to see who is old enough to rememeber the story about KFC and how is was first started. I remember when i was young a story my grandmother had told me about how he started KFC on a recipe that was not even his.

The way she told it Colonel Sander's and a friend of his was travling across country and had stopped at a truck stop to eat. Colonel Sander's was so impressed with the fired chicken dinner he had ordered he ask to talk with the cook.

He praised the cook on the chicken and ask if he might be able to have the recipe for himself so he could make it at home. The cook gave him the recipe some years later the Colonel started selling if out of his gas station before moving to a bigger place.

Makes you wonder how many more company's are out there that started on theft LOL im sure there are a few of them out there.


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