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Cool story bros, OSU edition

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July 25, 2014 at 8:37am

After being inspired by Grande Gustavo's 'Cool story, bro,' I thought it would be fun because it's Friday and I can see the weekend and IDGAF and for everyone to post stupid stories of run-ins they had with anyone of significance while at OSU. This is either going to be a great or terrible idea...

One time at Marketplace, I was straving and was waiting on a pizza. The girl kept saying 'Rob! Rob! Rob!' and I thought to myself, if she says Rob again, I'm going to act stupid and be like "Oh, duh, my name is Rob!" So she says it again and before I can speak a mountain of a man comes up from behind me and grabs the pizza. It was Rob Rose's...I almost stole this man's pizza, right in front of him...

His arms were at least as big as my head

Also, once I was talking West down 17th to get to the RPAC when I was crossing College in the crosswalk and a shiny Mercedez sped out of the intersection and almost hit me...I yelled out 'MFer!' was Dr Gee, I almost had free tuition!

edit: why do my pics never change in size? I tried to set this pic to only be 100 pixels wide and it's huge! Sorry.

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