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I coach middle school football and lift heavy things, since I reference each quite often.

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Comment 06 Aug 2020

Yeah, it's not like you have a timer and once you get to 15 minutes you're infected. It's just what I've seen as a standard.

I keep hammering the point of it's all about probability. Being 7' away for 14 minutes doesn't make you immune, but it's just much less likely than 6'/15 min.

If you have to think if it was 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there...I think you're over thinking it.

Comment 05 Aug 2020

Harbaugh: "YOU CHEAT!"

Day: "We'll hang 100 on them!!!"

Reporter, to James Franklin: "Does OSU cheat?"

Franklin (nervously): "Uh....no....absolutely not, Ryan Day and OSU do everything by the book. Elite program....... My best player just left the team, please don't kill us."

Comment 01 Aug 2020

The rules are so arbitrary anyway. Shopping is ok - but attending church is not?

The rules aren't arbitrary just because you don't like/understand them. A church is a building where people gather and sing and talk in small areas for hours at a time, shopping is in a larger area where people are in passing for short periods of time.

Our direction going forward that is if a coach or player tests positive, the questions are going to be who was within 6' of that person for 15 minutes or longer and those individuals are considered to be needing of quarantine.

In a church, you will be within 6' of one another for longer than 15 minutes, that would indicate that it is a high risk area. I went to the grocery on Wednesday and was only within 6' of someone for seconds at a time, the person whom I interacted with the most would have been the cashier who was behind plexiglass (again for a few seconds and still about 6' away).

Comment 26 Jul 2020

You know what's something I never knew until right now when I was researching info to answer the poll question? On the final game of the regular season, Miami was ranked #1, OSU was ranked #2, and Washington State was ranked #3 (Oklahoma was #4). I thought to myself, wow, I don't remember WSU being that good! What kind of roster and schedule did they have, how would they have stacked up against Miami if OSU had lost. They had no one I had heard of on offense, but had a few future NFL starters on defense. Looking at the schedule, I did not realize that they played OSU earlier in the season and got "trounced" by 18 points. They then lost in 3OT in the last game of the season.

Comment 24 Jul 2020

Was hoping to attend my first Capital game this year...ugh

Comment 23 Jul 2020

Yeah, I scouted Davidson for Coach Tressel's class. They ran 46 plays and 45 of them were run plays. I think 30 of them I would have classified as midline read. Definitely APPEARED like a super simple offense.

Comment 23 Jul 2020

Offenses can vary wildly. We have a new offense this year and it's basically just 10 plays. If you look at a Wing-T offense at a D6 school, it might have a handful of plays. If you look at a spread offense at a D1 school, you might get dozens of plays.

I'm a big fan of "10 plays a hundred different ways." Give me a simple offense that the kids can master and let the coach use his/her intelligence to call the right formations or personnel. (That's what New England does).

Comment 23 Jul 2020

I remember there being a show on Saturday mornings, don't remember what it was called. Gave lots of insights in to the NFL (like This Week in Baseball). I don't remember if this is the clip from it, but that's when I learned Gruden was insane.

Comment 16 Jul 2020

Yeah, I tried to see if I could find a roster or something from a specific year to look at, all I found really was the Wiki that listed the alumni who played in the NFL and all the track state championships. I didn't recall if they had one a state title in football, but I'm guessing it's a no.