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Cutting costs at your current place of employment

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July 21, 2014 at 9:25am

Recently we had a skip level meeting at work.  For those of you unaware, that is where you have a meeting with your boss's boss.  He asked us to help him come up with ideas to cut costs, since we are an expense center and those are the first areas asked to reduce spending.

I came with a plan for this, in the only way I know how!

If you guessed "fire people", you guessed wrong.

Take the 4-6 lowest rated job performers (in a manner approved by your HR) and put them into an octagon for a Battle Royale to the death. 

The winner keeps their job. 

The losers jobs are eliminated with them.


  • No weapons until the first blood drop hits the mat
    • No projectiles
    • No stabbing weapons; only slicing, gouging, or blunt weapons
    • A new weapon is added at 5 minute intervals, thereafter
  • No "volunteers" are permitted
  • Ticket sales proceeds and PPV proceeds go into a pot for future raises for the remaining employees in the department or Line of Business
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